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Hi! I plan on taking the Hesi A2 Test within the next few months and I was wondering if I could get some advice on which study guides are the best. It would be nice to just get one study guide that had everything I needed in it... Read More

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    Some of the best materials I found on the site mentioned in the previous post are here:

    About the Test/Screen Shots:

    Example Questions/Study Guides:

    Scoring Guide:

    Thanks to Floridatrail2006 for gathering all this information on your website!
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    That's great
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    Hello, I was wondering if someone can post the Links for the HESI study Guide. Thanks Alicia
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    you need to purchase the actual guide if you want it. its a blue and yellow workbook. it is helpful if all you need to do is brush up on a few concepts and contains practice tests for each section. floridatrail2006 has great links to study from as well. ive gone through them before
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    when i took the hesi A2, i found the reading and grammar parts pretty easy. I did study for the math and vocab areas (which seemed to help). I used some of the materials that others have mentioned in the post. I also used some free practice tests at Free Hesi A2 Practice Tests | HESI - Test-Guide.com

    i bought the mosby book (blue and yellow review book) but i didn't think it was worth the money.
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    I need HELP!!!!! I failed the first go around,, well actually I passed I got a 87%! They took only 30 students and I was #31! I was bummed! They said I did well im the math but I needed to brush up on vocab, concepts.... Well first off the vocab in the book... NONE OF IT WAS ON THE TEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need help I want to pass this go around any guides oput there to help? I take the test at ITT in Oregon... We only have to do to math, and english. Can anyone help. please email me..
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    Well, for math and English, try the GED review books, because they tests are testing you on that level of skill and comprehension. The HESI and other pre-entrance exam study guides *don't concentrate on that stuff, because it used to be covered by your previous schooling. All the people having problems with that makes me wonder just what the schools have been spending time on, because there are so many people having problems with waht should be the easy parts of the these tests!

    So, go get a GET math review book and GED English review book from the library of bookstore.
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    we caution all posters to purchase and use standard study guides. when you find info on the internet, it may or may not be correct. an does not endorse any guide and strongly urges you to purchase the approved study guides recommended by your school.

    please do not post asking for others to send you study guides as this is against the terms of service at an.
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