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    My HESI Score 82%

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    That's really good! My overall score was 92% with an 88.8% on a&p. I used a guide for a&p review and bought a 5th grade fraction workbook for math, and scored a 96% on math!
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    I took the HESI Comprehensive with a score of 95% and passed my NCLEX first try. I thought NCLEX q's were easier than HESIs or ATIs
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    Hesi. Easier than all the unit exams and finals Ive taken. Got a 89% on the end of program one.... Everyone says good job.... truly they have made school a nightmare but the HESI was easier....
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    Hi everybody!
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    the hesi seemed easy to me compared to boards... i was in the 97th percentile on the hesi and passed my boards at 75 qyestions

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