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    So Geekgolightly I'm confused did you pass the Hesi test or not?
    How many sections are on this test?

    I take it before the end of the year.
    It sounds really hard. I am now more terrified.

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    I took the HESI PN and got a 99.54. I didn't think it was that hard. I didn't study for it either. I don't plan on taking the NCLEX PN, I am waiting to finish two more semesters so I can get my RN.
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    Originally posted by flemmac
    So Geekgolightly I'm confused did you pass the Hesi test or not?
    How many sections are on this test?

    I take it before the end of the year.
    It sounds really hard. I am now more terrified.
    i amde a 96.5 on the HESI overall, but there are some sections wherein i need some review.

    like oncology, hepatic/gi and health management (i think what they mean is administrative duties)
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    and dont be frightened of the HESI. i didnt study for that exam. i felt that it would take away my study time for my final exam which was 24 hours after the HESI, so i went in blind and took the test and hoped for the best. a 96.5 probability score isn't bad, i think. especially if i didnt review pedi.ob and pharm for it. i think im gonna be ok as long as i keep looking at questions daily now that i am out of school.
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    I took the Hesi in my second semester, the LPN hesi. The way our school uses it is that if your score 85 or better you don't have to take the review class. The score you got was your percent chance of passing NCLEX the first time. A friend just took her LPN boards and said they were easier than the HESI.
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    how/where can i get the HESI? is it a book so i can buy it ? how much it is? thanks!!!!
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    I took hesi in may it was a nightmare but i score 99.99 (go figure)
    my girlfriend has taken it twice and she has one more chance to pass or she will have to audit the last semester of nursing she is extremely frightened as she should be I have found that the key to hesi is to get all the math questions right!!!!!!!!! By the way i did pass NCLEX however I had no clue as to what hesi had to do with it the board questions were more application and much easier to me. by the way school girl get a good kaplan review book i have found it is the best material to study from the practice questions were soooo similar to state boards
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    Nekhismon, thanks for the inspiring quotes you shared!!!!

    The school were I attend made Hesi mandatory to pass to be able to graduate!! I understand that this test gets us prepared for our NCLEX exam, but I just don't understand why they had to make it mandatory!! I feel very discouraged because I have not passed it yet!! Two senior's from our school did not graduate because they didn't pass the test! Because of this my fellow classmates and I are on the edge!!

    Thank you for everyone's Hesi taking tips!! I am going to pass this on to my fellow classmates!

    Can anyone else give me more positive feedback for taking the Hesi test?:uhoh21:
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    Originally posted by myabutrn
    what's HESI!!!!!!!!!! thanks

    Halth education systems Inc. they are a group that makes test for healthcare professionals.

    Yes we had to take and pass a comprehensive HESI test at the end of our Nursing Program. Many of my fellow students did 99.9 I was middle of the road with 86.9 but I passed Boards which the one we took was geared to test ability to pass Nursing Boards if you made better than 85 % you were expected to pass if you made less than 85% you needed to work on it and study more... That was the speil we were given anyway

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