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Hello everyone!! =) I recently graduated from nursing school in June (LPN), passed my boards in August 2012.. and now I am continuing my studies -- I want to be a RN and hopefully one day a nurse practitioner =) Today I... Read More

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    When looking at the Elsiver guide I thought it was far too simple to be a good guide, but honestly it was one of the easier exams I've taken. If you finished your A&P II close to the testing date it shouldn't be difficult as the material will be fresh. Not to say that you shouldn't study for the exam; focus on your weak areas (algebra, vocab,etc.) and don't let yourself get stressed over it (even though it seems like your whole future depends on the results).
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    Hey illusion,
    I too am trying to get into Carrington Reno.... I am super nervous about hearing back from them. They said they are sending out letters the second week of Nov. I didn't score as well as I wanted to and I know its super competitive. Have you heard anything yet? Or do you know what % is normally in the top 36?
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    Thank you everyone for the tips and advice!! I can't wait to take the Hesi & get the ball rolling
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    illusion9376 I was wondering if you could send me the words and link you used to study? Thanks!
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    i am in the process of getting ready for the Hesi could you please send me the link also. I want t ace it the first time and i see that you have. Thank you so much
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    Illusion 9376: I was wondering if you could PM message me and send me some helpful tips and info for the HESI A2 test I have coming up in a wk or so?
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    I know this post is so old lol, but do you have any study resources you can share with me for the vocab portion of the exam. I have already took the test and i have one more chance to take it, because i failed vocab (math 92% reading 92%, grammar 90%, vocab 74%).

    I would really appreciate it if someone has a good resource with a list of vocabulary or something i can study off of because the HESI book and didnt cut it the first time around.
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    Just to make sure, measurements for math section are not provided, right?
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    Congrats on passing! Thanks for this! I've been looking everywhere for a good study guide for the math section because I suck at math. I only have to take the math & reading sections so if I could make 100 on the math that would be great. I'm about to order this book. I take my test on July 26!
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    Honestly I would study what prefixes, suffixes, and roots are-I used a medical terminology book to study-I would study this for a good two weeks-

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