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Need help/ advice before taking the Hesi A2

  1. 0 Hi! I am a pre-nursing student and will be taking the Hesi A2 at the end of August. . . I am extremely worried because this is my final chance at getting into the program. I have a 3.54 gpa (in core nursing classes, which is what the school goes by). That gpa use to be high enough, but because of the poor economy and the budget cuts my college has been forced to make, the number of students accepted into the program has been cut in half. Only 24 get in now. This test is my only hope into getting into the program. If anyone could offer some advice, tips, information about the Hesi A2 exam I'd really appreciate it. .
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    If this is the same exam that I took and I think it is, it is really really easy.
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    I will be taking the one that includes A&P, reading, grammar, vocabulary, chemistry, and math. I've heard that the A&P section in the review book is horrible, and chemistry doesn't help much either. . . In the test, is it all basic chemistry or does it include organic chem? Do you have to do long hand division for the math portion or are you provided a calculator?
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    The chemistry is all basic intro to chem stuff. You get a calculator that shows up on the computer screen for the math, actually it is there the entire test. What you need a calculator for during the reading portion is beyond me, but it's there. The math is pretty basic stuff that has little to no use in nursing. Stuff like Roman Numerals, how to make proper change. The only thing remotely related to nursing is the stuff about military time.
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    I had to take the A&P twice, and version 2 is definitely harder...more physiology. Anyway FINALLY passed, got an 80%
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    i took the HESI like 4 time i passes everything except the grammar part which is 55 question .i've student over and over don't know what am i doing wrong can someone please help me.
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    I'm taking the hesi next month March 22, 2012. Can someone help with any advice Im mainly worried about the conversions. Are they going to be in a word problem or just 5ml is what km something like that. my email is