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Hello everybody. I am a pre-nursing student at Lonestar college and I was planning on taking the Hesi test Monday. I will be applying to North Harris as my first choice and Montgomery as my second... Read More

  1. by   ikegrad2002
    EsMy1. Thanks! I need to look into that then.
  2. by   ShockEmRN
    @3prouommy : I think my overall english score was an 85 , would have been higher but I think I over thought things too much, especially the vocab part. Grammar (90), Reading (89), Vocab (76), Math (98), A&P (80). I thought about re-taking the Hesi this year but got worried of the possibility of doing worse since they only take the most recent grade and not the highest. Plus I had 4's in all the other sections of the score sheet. So 11.4 hopefully isn't too bad. *crosses fingers*

    As for the Hesi, I didn't have too much time to study last time (which I regret some) but obviously study as much as you can before taking the exam (Hesi books, online practice exams, flash cards, etc. ) The Math isn't too bad just adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing whole numbers and fractions. Anatomy and Physiology is very broad and a lot more detailed than I thought it would be. If you took A&P very recently it helps a lot, but if not study all the systems in detail. Reading is self explanatory but read questions carefully and pace yourself. Grammar - study the grammar section in a Hesi book or Hesi material online to review rules of English grammar and how to apply them. Vocab - again, study in Hesi books and online practice exams as much as possible for these b/c they do use quite a few from past versions of the test.
    Other than that Good Luck !
  3. by   4proudmommy
    so i just took the HESI....my english composite score was 90.67....The vocabulary part was killer! I got like 86% on that portion.I actually did better on the anatomy part, which was crazy to me. Anyway, my final score is 11.2, with north harris being my first choice. boy i hope it's enough
  4. by   EsMy1
    hi 3prouommy .wow your english composite score is really good. can you please tell me what you studied? i haven’t taken my hesi and i’m trying to figure out what to focus on. thanks
  5. by   4proudmommy
    Hi esmy1!!! Thank you, I feel if I would have done better on the vocab part it would have been higher, but such is life. Anyway, I bought the study guide from evolve reach, and, while its no help on the anatomy and vocab, it really does help with the other three sections. English is my strong point in school, so my skills in that department are to thank for doing as well as I did. Just go over old notes from a&p, and u should do okay. Its not super detailed, but u do have to kind of know, u know? Im just hoping my total is enough to get me in. ive been reading past posts and saw that NH accepted students with lower scores than mine; im hoping they are as gracious this time.
  6. by   futurert09
    Quote from ikegrad2002
    Hello everybody. I am a pre-nursing student at Lonestar college and I was planning on taking the Hesi test Monday. I will be applying to North Harris as my first choice and Montgomery as my second choice. So far I have 8 points out of the 12 point scale and once I take the Hesi, that will determine if I will be accepted or not. I am currently taking Pharmacology. I have a 3.5 GPA and I have taken all my pre-req's plus some. The only part of the HESI Exam I am worried about is the A&P section. I hear all kinds of reviews on it and I am extremely nervous. If anybody can shed some light on this section of the HESI, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Hey! I am applying this summer for the quest online program at kingwood!
    What is the best study book for the Hesi A2? I have read a lot of conflicting reviews online about study books!
  7. by   englishgeek
    This website helped me quite a bit. Hesi a2 flashcard sets and study tools | Quizlet It has a lot of different flash card sets that people made to study for this. I had not taken A&P, so I read through a textbook. I would recommend knowing the different systems. For bio, know how a cell works (both plant and animal.) Chemistry had stuff about the Periodic Table set-up and certain elements. Know about the parts of an atom. I didn't study much for English (I have a degree in English) or math, but for the first I would recommend knowing the difference between commonly confused words (Google that and you will probably come up with something.) The website I provided has many card sets on vocabulary; that should be sufficient. The math part is a lot about adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions and decimals, finding ratios, and knowing unit cancellation method will help. Hope that helps.
  8. by   kalisefer
    Hello everyone, I also applied to Lone Star this application period. I was an alternate for the 2012 Spring ADN program at Cy-fair with a score of 11.24. I will be reapplying this application period and hopefully I will not be an alternate again.
  9. by   kcbee
    Hi everyone..., was told i had to take the HESI A2? Has anyone taken this test? and where can i buy the hesi study guide.Thanks for any suggestions!
  10. by   kalisefer
    Only 13 Business days left for those applications to be submitted ;-) then comes the long worrisome wait for the acceptance/denial letters. I bet we will get the letters during the first week of April.
  11. by   EsMy1
    Only 13 days! I haven't even taken the HESI or submitted my application.. I better get on it...
  12. by   kalisefer
    EsMy1 - did you take the HESI?
  13. by   EsMy1
    not yet but i’m definitely going next wednesday. i’m goingto use these couple of days to study for it as much as i can and hopefullyeverything will go ok. i will keep my fingers crossed for us.