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Hello everybody. I am a pre-nursing student at Lonestar college and I was planning on taking the Hesi test Monday. I will be applying to North Harris as my first choice and Montgomery as my second choice. So far I have 8 points... Read More

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    Hi EsMy1! Good Luck to you 2!!!!
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    @Alexandria8263, I think that is a good score and you should get accepted!
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    thanks ikegrad2002….you know i just found out that lone star @ montgomery will be offering a hesi prep workshop on feb 7th & 10th… i am not exactly sure over what or which subjects but i thought i’d let you know…
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    Good luck to everyone!!!
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    HI everyone i attend Lehman College I took the HESI exam but i scored really low on A&P 90 on reading comprehension and 88 on math...does anyone know how soon after is one allowed to retake the exam? i would need to retake it before March 15th at another location though but can anyone tell me..thanks alot!
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    hi sanypooh…i don’t know about other locations, but at lone star you can take the hesi every 60 days…below is the link that gives that information ….good luck…
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    EsMy1. Thanks! I need to look into that then.
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    @3prouommy : I think my overall english score was an 85 , would have been higher but I think I over thought things too much, especially the vocab part. Grammar (90), Reading (89), Vocab (76), Math (98), A&P (80). I thought about re-taking the Hesi this year but got worried of the possibility of doing worse since they only take the most recent grade and not the highest. Plus I had 4's in all the other sections of the score sheet. So 11.4 hopefully isn't too bad. *crosses fingers*

    As for the Hesi, I didn't have too much time to study last time (which I regret some) but obviously study as much as you can before taking the exam (Hesi books, online practice exams, flash cards, etc. ) The Math isn't too bad just adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing whole numbers and fractions. Anatomy and Physiology is very broad and a lot more detailed than I thought it would be. If you took A&P very recently it helps a lot, but if not study all the systems in detail. Reading is self explanatory but read questions carefully and pace yourself. Grammar - study the grammar section in a Hesi book or Hesi material online to review rules of English grammar and how to apply them. Vocab - again, study in Hesi books and online practice exams as much as possible for these b/c they do use quite a few from past versions of the test.
    Other than that Good Luck !
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    so i just took the HESI....my english composite score was 90.67....The vocabulary part was killer! I got like 86% on that portion.I actually did better on the anatomy part, which was crazy to me. Anyway, my final score is 11.2, with north harris being my first choice. boy i hope it's enough
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    hi [color=#c00000]3prouommy .wow your english composite score is really good. can you please tell me what you studied? i haven’t taken my hesi and i’m trying to figure out what to focus on. thanks