Just finished taking HESI A2! My experience might help you... Just finished taking HESI A2! My experience might help you... - pg.3 | allnurses

Just finished taking HESI A2! My experience might help you... - page 3

I took the following sections: * Math * Reading comprehension * Vocabulary & general knowledge * Grammar * Anatomy & Physiology * Learning styles * Personality test... Read More

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    WOW great job! I'm taking mine in dec. Wish me lots of luck!
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    Thank you so much for this information! I did make a 75 on math but I want to retake to increase my overall score. I will look at this info.
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    Same here I take mine also in December
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    i live in houston. do u have any study groups. i need help with the math.
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    Hey I live in Houston, have you taken the exam yet?
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    Great advice, thank you
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    this was great advice but I could use all the help i can get. if anyone has any study guides for the hesi that particularly helped on the anatomy section could you please send them to me?

    my email is fariha.tasnim28@gmail.com
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    Thankyou so much
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    how did you do your reading and grammar portion? can you give any tips on that?
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    hi, how many question of each subject? are they multiple choice including the math portion?
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    I'm taking mine in June! In don't know where to start! I've taken it before and didn't do so well, I received a 79 but I know I need at least in the 90s to be considered anywhere! Anyone have any help or advice for me!! Please I need a good score!
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    Also for some reason while physically taking it, I didn't think it was that hard but obviously it was I didn't do great and I don't remember the questions at all because I went so fast, so now I feel as if I'm screwed :0
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    Good score!, I am going to take the same sections in the exam like you. Is your exam type the A2 V1 with CT?? I am so confused with the registration.