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Hi everyone! I just got out of my HESI A2 exam with a 95% overall score. Test preparation was the key to getting a good composite score, so I thought I'd share my test prep tips. I took the following sections: *Math... Read More

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    Hey guys, I took HESI last week and made 96% as cumulative score. I thought the test wasn't that bad except English reading part because English is my second language.
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    Just took my HESI A2 Exam at Lehman College... Here's some tips so maybe you can have a better experience than I did. Unfortunetly my school never informed me or anyone for that matter when you could sign up for the exam, they told me I'd be given a test date when I submitted my application. So I finally found out too late and there was only 1 section left open which was 10 days later. I did not have the proper time to actually study for this exam but I did spend 2 hrs a night studying Davis's step by step math for nurses (which is a break down of ratios, proportions, measurements, fractions, decimals, etc. I also made an a&p study guide on my own from the Quizlet Hesi A2 A&P Practice deck. (HESI A2 Entrance - A&P flashcards | Quizlet) I knew that critical thinking and reading comprhension was my strongest suite so I spent very little time on these two subjects.

    I noticed that the test was very random with the A&P and the math questions, although the math was very basic, I am very bad with math and because I had so little amount of time to prepare I got stuck on a lot of the questions.

    Mostly all the math questions were ratios and adding, subtracting, dividing, and multiplying mixed numbers plus regular fractions. There was also a lot of word problems (which I'm horrible with) The regular adding, subtracting of whole numbers and decimals was easy because they provide a calculator on the test. I suggest you spend most of your time on ratios, proportions, how to solve word problems, and fractions. The only conversions I had were gallons to cups, ounces to cups, and ounces to pints. 3 questions on that. I had 2 questions about military time.

    The A&P questions I had that I can remember were "where is the mitral valve located" "which vessel brings nutrients to the liver" "which organ absorbs nutrients" "where is the cabaneous located" "what is the function of carbon dioxide in the body" "what is the sebaceous gland" "what is the function of the hypothalmus" and 1 question about meiosis nothing on mitosis. That's all I can really remember.

    50 reading comprehension questions (multiple choice)
    50 math questions (about 6 fill-ins the rest multiple choice)
    30 A&P questions (multiple choice)
    30 Critical thinking questions (multiple choice)

    The critical thinking was set up like this:
    Patient: description of patient
    Situation: condition they were in and scenario
    Action you should take: gives 4 or 5 different answers and you have to choose the best 1.

    I got an 83% on A&P
    I got a 90% on Reading Comp.
    & a 70% on Math

    I failed the test because of my math, you have to get a 75% or higher in each section or you are not able to be considered for admission to the program. Now I am stuck with no plan B. I really hope you take what I wrote into consideration and prepare!!! It's basic stuff but its random stuff so it's a little bit tricky.

    Good luck all!!
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    Thank you for the information. I will be taking the hesi exam next month .
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    Are we allowed a calculator on the math portion or is it all hand jammed?
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    Quote from mizjennjenn
    Are we allowed a calculator on the math portion or is it all hand jammed?
    There's a calculator built into the exam.
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    grtt info!
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    WOW great job! I'm taking mine in dec. Wish me lots of luck!
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    Thank you so much for this information! I did make a 75 on math but I want to retake to increase my overall score. I will look at this info.
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    Same here I take mine also in December
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    i live in houston. do u have any study groups. i need help with the math.

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