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I am taking the HESI entrance exam tomorrow. I am VERY nervous, I have been studying but I still don't feel confident. Has anyone taken it? I NEED ADVICE PLEASE HELP :cry:... Read More

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    I need help with A&P, Gammar for HESI
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    I am in the same boat does anyone have some more tips when preparing for the A&P section of the HESI? I just barely finished both 201 and 202 so it is still pretty fresh in my mind. Should I brush up or do you think that should be sufficient?
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    Does anybody know about or have the HESI STUDY GUIDE?
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    Help if you can remember anything please
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    Please,help with HESI A2:heartbeat
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    I thought that the grammar and reading sections were pretty straight forward. For the math there was an emphasis on conversions and dosages. There was even a question on roman numerals. The vocab section had some words that I wasn't familiar with, like: labile, paroxysmal, and occluded. I practiced with some exams at www.test-guide.com/free-hesi-a2-practice-tests.html and I used a study guide at www.scribd.com/doc/27347958/Hesi-Entrance-Examination (which was really long!)