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  1. I will be taking my Hesi A2 entrance exam in less than a month and I'm a little nervous about the AP section. I will have two chances to take this test (one in February and one in September) before I apply for the program in October. To be competitive to get into the program I need to score at least 95% overall. The five sections I have to take are Reading, Grammar, Vocabulary, Math and AP. Any advice on this test would really be appreciated!
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  3. by   78taylor99
    I took the HESI A2 back in November, but I did not have to take the A&P section. I found the vocabulary, math, and grammar sections of the HESI study guide to provide adequate preparation for the exam. I had several words on my test that were found in the study guide. The vocabulary section also tests on common knowledge. The math section of my exam was very similar to the study guide. Most math questions were multiple choice, but there were a few fill in the blank questions. I had several word problems on my math section, and I found it beneficial not to read too much into these questions. The grammar questions were pretty basic, and if you are good at grammar you shouldn't have an issue. If you struggle with grammar, you might want to consult a few other resources for more practice. As for the reading, I usually do really well on reading comprehension tests, but I only scored in the low 90's on this section. While taking the exam, I had a few questions where I felt like all of the answer choices were overreaching. I was obviously missing something, so take your time while reading the passages during the test. My overall score on the exam was 95%.
  4. by   escapebigd
    Thank you for your response!!!
  5. by   78taylor99
    You're welcome! Good luck!
  6. by   seamang2
    I took the HESI A2 this Saturday. If you have completed your first semester of A&P and are currently in your second semester you should be fine. If you have any additional A&P even better!

    Best of luck!
  7. by   FLhusker
    Has anyone taken the TEAS V and the HESI? I took the TEAS a few months ago and scored an 86....wondering if the HESI is about the same because I'm about to take it.
  8. by   escapebigd
    I did the Hesi tonight and made a 87.5%. 92 Math, 90 Vocab, 95.65 Reading, 84 Grammar, and 76 on the AP. I have another chance in September to take it so I'm going to focus on the grammar and AP. I'm not worried about the other sections dropping since I didn't really study for them before hand, it seemed like a lot of common daily stuff.
  9. by   78taylor99
    Good job on your test! I am sure you will be able to bring up the A&P by September. Good luck with your studies!
  10. by   MCLMN765
    I too have to take he Hesi A2 test in less than a month. On our test we only have to take the Math and reading portion, I have the study guide for it, but it doesn't give a whole lot of practicing on math or reading. I'm not really worried to much about passing the reading part ,its the math portion. If anyone has already taken this could give me some hints or questions that you might remember that were on the test. I would like to know how many algebra questions and such that are on it? I really want to get into this school, so please can some help me study for this test? I really can't wait to see if I get to go to school
  11. by   78taylor99
    I don't recall many algebra questions, and if there were any, they were very simple. The math is very similar to what is contained within the study guide. Make sure you study ratios and proportions, fractions, and roman numerals. If you want more practice than what is given in the study guide, try doing an internet search for math worksheets covering the different areas. The test should also have a simple calculator available within the computer program.
  12. by   ande3770
    I just passed the hesi, with 95%. Math u must know your conversions : cup,L,ML,Gal and half a gal. Proprotions, Ratio word problems and how to set up a proprotion. A few of the question come right of the evolve assessment book, in each section math, reading, grammer and vocab. I hope this helps, GOOD LUCK.
  13. by   kattvenus73
    Hello, all. I know this might not be an active thread, but I am giving it a shot. I will be submitting my CHW Roadways Scholarship once I complete my last pre-req June 30. Any recommendations for success??
  14. by   kbdancer30
    i downloaded the hesi a2 study guide on amazon for my kindle app on my macbook and it is very helpful. it was only 9.99. i take the test may 16 so we shall see how helpful it really is