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I will be taking my Hesi A2 entrance exam in less than a month and I'm a little nervous about the AP section. I will have two chances to take this test (one in February and one in September) before I apply for the program in... Read More

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    Did you buy the review book?

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    yes, Evolve , by Mosby, did every page
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    Quote from ScottMorrison
    does it matter if we do the personality test? I skipped it the first time cause I knew I bombed the AP and vocab portion. I went into that test so unprepared. Spent the last few weeks studying and feel so much more confident now.

    still alot of pressure though... Only one more chance to take it... Unless, I take it at another school? The 2 attempts in a year doesn't carry over to other schools, does it?
    Even if I were to pass it here, I wouldn't be able to get a spot I the program. My school only accepts 24 students, and grades are so so. :\

    Yes they wont count the test unless you finishing the personality test if its required for your school, it literally takes 5 mins so don't worry. Remember that the AP section is more physiology than Anatomy, don't waste your time studying bones and muscles, focus more on internal organs, and the cell, mitosis, Krebs cycle, etc good luck, you'll be fine, where are you applying?
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    Quote from ALLISONWAYSON
    yes, Evolve , by Mosby, did every page
    e "

    How did you do ? I did well "average" Best score was on something I didnt even study..... Critical thinking
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    hi im not sure if im asking my question in the right box, but if i am i wanted to know if there is anyone out there that took the lpn-rn mobility exam by hesi @ howard community college and if so what books do you recommend i use to study with. Thank you. Oh if this message was only send to you im sorry if you can let me know how to send it to others
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    Hi, I take my Hesi in aprox. 2 weeks and I'm so nervous. On the A&P what kind of questions did it ask you? & on the vocab, was it all medical vocabulary?
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    I recently took the exam, and in hindsight, I thought that studying for the math and vocab areas helped. Although I bought some test prep stuff, I mostly used free prep material from the web (like www.test-guide.com/free-hesi-a2-practice-tests.html and others).

    Grammar and reading where fairly easy.
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    Is the HESI computer or paper based? Can you use a calculator?
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    Its computer based, yes you get a pencil and scratch paper, and you get to use the calculator that is on the computer.
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    Hey there, Can anybody please tell me HESI's exam format? I will be taking Math, Reading and Vocabulary and general knowledge. Are they all multiple choices questions including math?? please help. I will be taking at temple college in TX.
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