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HELP! Bombed the HESI Entrance Test - page 8

I took the HESI pre-entrance test today and BOMBED scoring 72.5%. I need a minimum of 77% to even be considered for the program. I got the Elsevier review book and studied for 10 days. I took... Read More

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    Quote from Maria Font
    I took the Hesi yesterday, and the math part is like the information on the book. There were about 10 questions in convertion, percentages, converting pounds to kilograms, etc, fractions, multiplication subs, division. If you follow the book, you will do ok.
    On the TEAS V test we had a table for conversions so it wasn't necessary to memorize them. Is this the same on the HESI? I passed the TEAS V without problems but I have to take the HESI to get into another program I've applied for tomorrow. Thanks!
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    No table conversions for HESI, though it did give me the grams to pounds for one question.
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    I took the HESI Monday and got an overall score of 89. I got a 94 on all the sections except A&P which I got a 72 and I got an A in A&P 1 and 2. Go figure. My school requires a 75 so I'm retaking it in 5 days. The book covers everything perfectly in terms of math and grammar and reading except for Anatomy. It is hard to remember 2 semesters of Anatomy in 1 test. I need alot of practice questions for ANATOMY ONLY. Can anyone help?
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    I purchased an additional study guide on line from a company called..Mometrix. It was the best 80.00 I have found. Lots of practice tests. As well as test taking tips in general. Good Luck and do not give up!
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    I used a GED math review book, and Cliff's Notes general Biology, since I'd never taken more than 1 semester of 9th grade biology. I used the McGraw Hill nursing pre-entrance exam book, the HESI pre-entrance exam study guide, and I googled TEAS test and used some free online questions. That GED math book was just the ticket for boning up on math. We have calculators for that stuff in the technical world, lol.
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    How did you end up doing on the exam?
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    Same here. Failed it the first time, but got an 88.8% this time.
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    what type of A&P questions are asked on the HESI?
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    #99 0 has this and other free stuff.

    I have the HESI A2 guide around here, someplace. I'll try to take a look at that section later today. Might be tomorrow, though.
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    Alphadog, I took the HESI a few months ago. I made an 82 overall. I studied from the end of July through until I took it in Sept. I really think you need that much time to absorb all the info...even if it's reviewing the material over and over. I think I remember reading at the beginning of the study guide to give yourself as much study time as possible. I also pulled out my old physiology and anatomy books to help me review certain sections. I'm not sure if this will help but I think more study time may help you out. I also purchased a math review book by Kaplan called Math for Nurses which walked me through a lot of the types of problems that were on the test and explain in-depth on how to work them out. I know I wouldn't have passed the math section if it weren't for that book! Good luck to you!
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    I failed the HESI A2 Biology and you have any advice? some of the questions were stuff that was not even close to being in the HESI study guide by evolve. I have one more chance to take it Friday and I am so worried.
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    I did not have to take the Chemistry part, but did well on the Biology. I looked over my notes from A&P. Know the cell and it's structures and their functions. There was something about plant vs. Human cells so review photosynthesis. Also meosis and mitosis. Use the study guide as just that, a guide. Then go into your notes and review. The test is not supposed to be the same the next time around, but should be similar, so brush up on anything you remember. Also, google HESI, I found a lot of good advice from several sites prior to my test. Good luck!
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    Has anyone taken both the HESI and TEAS? Some schools I am applying for require TEAS and one requires the HESI. I'm getting a study guide for the TEAS soon but should I get one for the HESI too? Is there an online studyguide and quizzes like the one for TEAS through the ATI website or are there only books to study for the HESI?