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I took the HESI pre-entrance test today and BOMBED scoring 72.5%. I need a minimum of 77% to even be considered for the program. I got the Elsevier review book and studied for 10 days. I took the 4 practice tests in the back... Read More

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    Hello Everybody, I would like some advice I am taking the HESI Entrance Exam on June 18 2009. I have just started studying. I printed out the westcoast university guide is this guide similiar to the exam??? My next question is what should I study for Biology and A&P. I would appreciate it if I can get some feedback on what to study in these two sections since the HESI book is too basic. PLEASE HELP!!!

    Thank you
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    Yes, I too am seeking out the best ways to study the bio, chem and A&P parts of the test. I have the study guide as well as the mo-media study guide "secrets".

    can anyone share the main topic areas for the sciences?

    oh, and one last question.. is the HESI Entrance score a combined score or each section on its own?
    For example, if I get HIGH scores on math, grammar, vocab.. would that offset a lower score say in chem?
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    Quote from cporter65
    i am a bcc student and took the hesi a2 but for the nursing program... the sciences were very very diffcult. yes you do need to memorize the metric system, there are alot of questions on them. the study guide they suggest is only helpful in math and grammar, not the sciences at all. if you want to study for them use old notes from classes you have taken in the past. good luck

    when you say bcc do you mean broward community college? what hesi test...
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    Is the Kaplan study book better than the HESI study guide?
    Are all HESI tests the same for Nursing programs through out the US?
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    I am about to take my exam.I went to take it last week but system went down.I was told a few important bits of advise.First..saunders most current comprehensive review of practical nursing will give you the best head start you can get..its thousands of questions..and all application, cover the hard stuff ..but you still have to know your chemistry applications..micro. basic science and algebra.Taking times 60 point algebra quizes over and over helps.Even though I havent taken it yet.The person I talked to coordinates my program..and knew whzt she was talking about. Its unfortunatly not a 2-4 week study exam.Not unless you have a photo graphic memory, or have a young mind and have just taken and comprehended all you a&p micro, chem nursing process, labs, med math etc etc.
    This is NOT to overwhel but to prepare.If you choose to buy or even check out from library the saunders will NOT regret it.But supplement with a comprehensive review of your important prenursing classes.
    Hope this helps.
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    [quote=nrenteria;3373362]Make sure you take a breath and take your time when answering the questions. There isn't a time limit on the test. Just relax and make sure you read all the way through the question before you answer it and move onto the next question. Memorize the fractions. I hate fractions and that's what I did to pass with an overall score of 90 on all sections. Good luck on your next attempt![/quo

    I'll be taking it soon and didn't realize that there is not time limit. That is good news!
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    Quote from chctwqueen
    I'll be taking it soon and didn't realize that there is not time limit. That is good news!
    It depends on your school, there was a time limit for my test. I have heard several people here on allnurses say that there is not a time limit but that is not always the case.
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    So, most of the schools don't have any time limit when taking the HESI Entrance Test? Are you allowed to take any breaks in between of each section of the test? It would be hard to take a test for a long period of time w/o any break at all. I'm always having this entrance test anxiety when it comes to entrance exams. I'm not very smart nor a slow person, it's just that these tests freaks me out! I go blank sometimes because of stressing too much about it. Please tell me more what to expect on the HESI entrance test.
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    I am currently attending Baker College in Michigan, we can only take the Hesi two times only, ever at Baker. How come I am hearing that the test is not timed, it is at Baker. Each section is timed and the total time for the test is 8 hours, I think, can't remember. We only take the Math, English, A&P, Med Term. But we have to score 86 or higher to even be considered for the program. It is very competitive as I'm sure it is everywhere. Baker takes 40 students in the Winter and 40 students in the spring. They used to only take 30 each time. I have taken the fall off of school to study for the HESI, I am fearful that I will not pass after reading this post. I am 51 and need to get back to work and I cannot afford to fail this exam. I have heard that the Sauders study guide coupled with the HESI study guide and the flash cards will help, is that correct? Thanks for reading
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    Quote from ToxicShock
    Any update? I'm curious to see how you did the 2nd time around. You're lucky that you have that option; my school only allows the HESI once per admission cycle. Good luck!!
    We only get one chance at all. No retakes allowed, so if you don't do well, you have to transfer to another school.

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