Didn't pass my HESI :(

  1. I don't even no what to do now or where I should be begin I'm just really upset my school requires you to just take math and reading and a 75 in each section and I got a 64 in math and 68 in reading my composite score was a 67 please any advice
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  3. by   Dreaminofneedles
    I'm so sorry. I'm also studying those sections, I've taken it before so I know what to do and handle it. However, what I'm doing now this year on passing it , I made copies of the math and reading sections. I study and practice all week, then on Fridays taking one of the tests to see how I do and what areas to work more on. My test is on April 14th.
  4. by   FutureRNGreen
    Ok I take mine again March 29 im doing the hesi remediation and the book again
  5. by   Dreaminofneedles
    Sounds like a good start, I'm also doing the remediation ,and 2nd and 3rd editions. Hope you do better,mood luck let me know how you do.
  6. by   Dreaminofneedles
    What are you having the most trouble on the math and reading? Maybe I could help you, not does it help you but helps me too!
  7. by   FutureRNGreen
    Math is my weakness
  8. by   pookyp
    Quote from FutureRNGreen
    Math is my weakness
    Khan academy. He saved me and helped me with math. Math is my weakness too.
  9. by   Dreaminofneedles
    Math is also my weakness, but is it decimals, or ratios or measurement?
  10. by   meloda07
    Whatever you seem not to understand look up YouTube videos they helped also I used the Mcgraw hill nursing entrance exam study guide for math it was really helpful I got a 96 on that section.
  11. by   teaandbiscuits
    I'm more comfortable with math compared to reading, vocab, and grammar, so I would like to help! Like Dreaminofneedles said, if you specify what aspects/topics of the math sections trouble you the most, I think I can give you some tips....

    Not sure if I'm fully qualified though, since my scores haven't been posted yet >.<
  12. by   FutureRNGreen
  13. by   teaandbiscuits
    Adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing? or changing from fractions to decimals?

    Adding & subtracting.... this youtube video might help

    Multiplying.... you just multiply straight across (numerator * numerator, and denominator * denominator), then simplify if needed
    Dividing.... you just flip the second fraction (denominator becomes numerator, and vice versa) and follow the same rules as multiplication

    changing fractions to decimals is easy. just enter it into the calculator as is. if it's 29/55, just press 29, then division sign, then 55 and you'll get the decimal answer 0.527....

    hope this helps?
  14. by   FutureRNGreen
    Thank you teaandbiscuts