Didn't pass my HESI :(

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    I don't even no what to do now or where I should be begin I'm just really upset my school requires you to just take math and reading and a 75 in each section and I got a 64 in math and 68 in reading my composite score was a 67 please any advice

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    I'm so sorry. I'm also studying those sections, I've taken it before so I know what to do and handle it. However, what I'm doing now this year on passing it , I made copies of the math and reading sections. I study and practice all week, then on Fridays taking one of the tests to see how I do and what areas to work more on. My test is on April 14th.
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    Ok I take mine again March 29 im doing the hesi remediation and the book again
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    Sounds like a good start, I'm also doing the remediation ,and 2nd and 3rd editions. Hope you do better,mood luck let me know how you do.
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    What are you having the most trouble on the math and reading? Maybe I could help you, not does it help you but helps me too!
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    Math is my weakness
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    Quote from FutureRNGreen
    Math is my weakness
    Khan academy. He saved me and helped me with math. Math is my weakness too.
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    Math is also my weakness, but is it decimals, or ratios or measurement?
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    Whatever you seem not to understand look up YouTube videos they helped also I used the Mcgraw hill nursing entrance exam study guide for math it was really helpful I got a 96 on that section.
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    I'm more comfortable with math compared to reading, vocab, and grammar, so I would like to help! Like Dreaminofneedles said, if you specify what aspects/topics of the math sections trouble you the most, I think I can give you some tips....

    Not sure if I'm fully qualified though, since my scores haven't been posted yet >.<
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