Anybody take the hesi a2 without studying?

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    I take it in a couple days and I was just wondering if anybody has taken it without studying and done well. I feel like I'm pretty good at the subjects that will be covered and don't need to do much as far as studying goes.
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    yes, i was talking with an advisor and she said i need to take the hesi a2 exam prior to entry into nursing school so i went straight from there and took it, not sure what to expect, it was surprisingly simple. I passed all sections with a 90%+. I am by no means a brainiac either. It was mostly common sense questions and stuff you do on a daily basis. I would review units of measure however (liter to mililiter, ounce to gallon, foot to meter ect.) that was the only section that gave me trouble. Good luck!
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    Thank u so much I appreciate it. Good luck in nursing school!
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    I took it without studying and made an 82.. Decided to take it again and studied last minute for a day and made a 92
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    Just took the hesi with barely studying the night b4 and got an 89.43% cumulative. I probably should have studied for the a&p section a little more because i got a 76. All the other sections I did well. 100 in chem!
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    I took hesi last week without studying and got 96% overall. I should have prepare for the reading section because English is my second language. I got only 94% for my English section.
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    I did not study but have taken the TEAS test within the past 6 weeks which I had studied extensively for...I got an 87.6 cumulative, the A&P section gave me the most trouble but also had the fewest questions.
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    you *could* pass without studying b/c it's not a super-hard test, but my thought is it only takes a couple days tops for most people to study.....i like to worry, so studying is a def stress relief for me. I'd at least find some resources online to review for the A&P stuff if you haven't used that info recently.