What are YOUR coping mechanisms? - page 2

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I need help. Food is my primary coping mechanism. It seems that every free moment I have I am diving into something delicious. As I become more and more stressed with work, school and everything....I am getting fatter and... Read More

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    Quote from Bobylon
    My FAVORITE stress relief/coping mechanism is mountainbiking (will substitute road cycling when necessary) ...... I've always loved bicycles, since I was a wee one (we're talking almost 5 decades, here), and do to this day. Nothing like a good intense trail ride to center my soul. Strength training, yoga, and meditation, as well ........ not to mention food, but - I've always felt, "if you make the fire hot enough, anything will burn !!!!" I DO try to eat healthy..... usually ... most times..... :wink2:
    I love cycling and weight training, too! I think it was what helped me get through nursing school sane and without that dreaded freshman 15 (though I can't say I didn't indulge in a little chocolate after a hard test).