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Hey guys, Im a new grad, working for 10 mons at my current job, just wanting to get my 1 year in and move on. Working nights, has messed up my life. Anyway, what to do right? As i sit here day time, when sleep doesnt want to... Read More

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    It can really be a drag, but hang in there, you will get use to it.
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    I remember feeling the way you do, OP. When I worked nights my life basically came to a standstill. All I did was lay in the bed all day, in hopes that I would eventually get enough naps in to count as real sleep. I never saw my family, never did social things, barely saw my spouse. My neurologist told me that night shifts would eventually kill me. I finallyg got enough seniority to get to days, and it made all the difference in the world.
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    I am totally behind Joanna's post- it's temporary. Don't look at it with the "this is my life now" glasses. This is a phase giving you invaluable experience to get that job or position you want. I am sorry you are going through a rough time right now- I know how lonely and isolating nights can feel, and how "left-out" you feel as the world goes on everyday without you. I know how you feel tired on your days off from trying to flip, and be within the land of the living. Use part of this time to do things you enjoy that will physically and mentally rest you, but never feel guilty about resting through the daytime!

    You will burnout fast with sleep deprivation and poor diet. Talk to your co-workers about how you feel as well, every facility is different, and they might have some wonderful tips. Remember, every shift is one more closer to a day shift position, and remember you aren't stuck, just passing through
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    Op, I have been there longer than you. At least you want to move to days. I dont think can handle them. The shoppi g doesnt have to be clothing never to be worn, although I do that too. Somenproductive things I do are mostly working out. not cardio cause it would be too loud in an apartment at 3am. If you are awake during the day, ai like to walk or jog/run outside and explore new towns. Sometimes i will read my old ( circa 2007 lol) nursing books. That is pretty productive. I might read only a section at a time . Working prn or some ot is another thing I do. If you plan to move on soon you dont have much time left.
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    Quote from amygarside
    It can really be a drag, but hang in there, you will get use to it.
    but dont get so used to it you stay stuck there working nights. ( i was only going to do it a few months before going to dAys or rotating and now it has been years!!)
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    ...10 years, but I can understand why some nurses hate it

    This is the first time in my life to work days, and it's whooping this night owl really hard
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    Nights have its' pros and cons but for me the cons outweighed the cons. I hated working nights. I'm debating whether or not I wanna go back to nights, but I may not have a job. Blah!
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    I've worked nights for five years. Granted, I only ever worked 3 nights a week (12-hour shifts) which does leave you a little more time to have a life. I know it's really hard, especially the first year you do it.

    I guess I would say get as much sleep as you can, especially the day before your night shift. Sleep deprivation will burn you out faster than anything. I also found that trying to maintain a schedule, even if the times are weird, made me feel more like a member of the human race. I don't know what you like to do, but I used the nights I was off and staying up till the wee hours to read or work on hobbies. I got a lot of sewing and quilting done. Personally, I also think it's very important to spend at least a little time outdoors to remind yourself of the natural rhythm of the world around you. Take a walk in the evening, perhaps.

    I hope you find a job that suits you better. Night nursing can be really tough.
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    @ BostonTerrierLoverRN.

    I really love your response. Never feel guilty about resting throughout the day and every shift is one more closer, Im not stuck, Im just passing through.

    sighhh, great words, thank you so much.
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    @ anotherone

    Thanks. I don't "get used to" things ever, especially if im unhappy about them, so Im definitely not getting used to working nights, because im not liking it, and I am going to get a day position soon.

    Thanks both of you
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