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I am on anxiety and stress overload in this field. I really can't take it anymore. Over 6 years and I have recently gone nuts with it. I am in hospice and home health working 10 hour days, constantly responsibile for... Read More

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    Quote from Marshall1
    The choley may be a blessing in can get some much needed rest and be relieved of some responsibility for at least a short period of time. I do not have children but have always wondered how people - mostly women- are able to handle/manage working FT and being a FT parent - I know - thousands do it everyday but it does not surprise me you are short tempered and exhausted - you would have to be being a caregiver 24/7, 365 between home and work.

    Have you considered working for an insurance company? Or in an outpatient surgery setting?

    The PRN medication doesn't sound like its enough..have you considered/spoken w/your doctor about something daily? Like Lexapro or similar that helps w/depression and anxiety? Someone I worked with went on Lexapro several years back for a lot of what you are describing here. For her, medication on a long term, consistent basis, gave her her life back.

    I wish you well and hope you are able to move beyond all this and into a more settled, peace filled place.
    When my surgery is all over and done with, I already told my PCP that I want to start some anti-depressants. Lexapro I think is a good choice. i was on Effexor for a year after my separation/divorce, but I didnt like the side effects.

    I do spread my self thin and have soooo much other emotional issues going on lately, I guess it's burning me out.

    Before this I interviewed with an insurance company. Made it through FOUR interviews, the last one being with the VP who gave me praise then a week later I get a rejection letter in the mail. I'll never know what happened.

    Surgery is Thursday and I have been "sick" for a week. My body finally got tired, I got laryngitis and now I have a persistent cough for which I am on Advair, Z-pack, Veramyst and Tussinex! Hopefully these will get me through my surgery.

    One more day of work. Praying for a decent one.

    Thanks for the support. Much needed. I hope maybe an anti-depressant and some therapy will give me a quality of life back

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