Is There a Future for Nurses Who Make Errors?

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    Do you know of nurses who have recovered their careers after making a major medical error and dealing with the Board of Nursing?
    I have only read of successful post-addiction success stories and while those are wonderful and I applaud those nurses, are there any nurses who have survived their judgment errors to become excellent nurses despite having a disciplined license? If so, please share those stories!

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    I used to know, personally, one nurse who had lost her license in relation to a client death and eventually got her license back. I certainly wouldn't call her an "excellent" nurse, but she did get her license back and return to nursing practice.
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    Yes, it does happen.

    This is especially true if the license is only reprimanded, not suspended and/or revoked.
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    elkpark, do you know the specifics of what she did? Thank you both for your replies.
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    I used to work with someone who made a medication error that resulted in a patient death. I do not know the details of how her license was affected or the investigation of such. However, I do know it was a safety issue related to the labeling and handling and process of the medication, not just the nurse's error. She was practicing and working as an RN and trained into a new specialty after this incident, when I met her (this incident occured before I met her). She seemed a very safe and sensible person. Her error resulted in a re-evaluation of how certain medications are administered.
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    When I was in nursing school, we were able to watch a Board Of Nursing Meeting. We watched a nurse appeal to get her license back. I don't her but I think the reason why she was reprimanded was because she was coming to work intoxicated. I think after she took courses like AA and other stuff she came to the board and they did let her be able to practice again but under strict probation. she would have to still go to treatment and meet with a counselor. Its possible

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