Soooo I came home from work and had my 1st panic attack.... - page 2

I had generalized anxiety for a few days after that. My doctor gave me a script for clonazepam low dose prn. The general anxiety is under control, but the days I have to go to work...just preparing... Read More

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    I don't know about you all, but I definitely have the "control freak" gene! No doubt that contributes to the anxiety.
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    I know this is late. like reeally late. But this is what helped me. Thank you for helping me find Ms. Weekes. Although she has passed, her audio cd's have cured me!!! Well as much as can be. I can't believe I'm just now thanking you for putting me in touch with her material. She hits every aspect of anxiety on the head and tells you what's happening, what isn't, and how to handle all of it Thanks!
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    I'll be trying the read aloud thing for sure!
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    What does it feel like to have an attack? It sounds scary.

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