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Well, mostly job stress. Work has been so busy with so much pressure, I've been working 24/7, have lots of crap going on at home.Well, yesterday I woke up extra early as usual to chart before work, was fine, then all of a sudden... Read More

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    As a very thin 30 yr old who both ate well and exercised, I developed hypertension. Prior to that, my bp always ran between 95-105 over 60-65. Many times, people would retake it, thinking it couldn't possibly be that low, but I had both a low bp and low resting HR. For me, it's familial on one side of my family. I actually first had more issues with my diastolic than with my systolic, but now both are high without medication. That said, my bp has been very well controlled for some time with an ARB/thiazide.

    After I had my son, I developed chronic macrocytic anemia. I became increasingly tachy. So now I take a beta blocker as well. Since I began nursing school, I have noticed that my bp is suddenly more volatile, so now I have to watch it much more closely.

    Point is, chronic hypertension is not the sole provence of people who are overweight, or who have high cholesterol, etc. (my cholesterol is very good). Sometimes there are genetic factors and/or other factors as well. And it can be made worse via stress (not that it ever stops me from doing things that stress me out, hmmm...)
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    Quote from MomRN0913
    Thanks all, I am working very hard on getting another job. I'm in the running for a low stress work from home position. I've wanted it for 2 years. They are interviewing but have no current open positions, but in a few months they should.I doubt I am going to make it a few months. That being said, and please don't laugh. Can you get disability for stress leave? If its taking a true toll on your health?I'm desperate to not have another day as you can see. I also suffer panic attacks related the the job Not to mention the BP issues.I'm desperately going out on a limb here
    If you have short term disability insurance and you are having health issues that necessitate a short-term leave, you may be able to use that insurance. But federal disability requires - or at least when I was in social work it did - quite a long process time and it's not really appropriate to shorter term situations. Should you lose your job though, you and your child might be eligible for some income assistance, but I'm not well versed on what's available anymore. Also, it varies by state.

    Also, if you need unpaid leave for a short time but also need to preserve your current job position, you could look into FMLA in order to accomplish that. It's been so long since I was in social work that I can't remember the particulars of these things any longer, but you could google them.
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    MomRN, I hope you are feeling better. We all have our personal "canary in the mine" that warns us to do something for ourselves. Looking for a new job, exercise, limiting your work hours, are all reasonable steps. You may have STD disability coverage through work, but it's likely is 50-70% of your base pay, and your MD has to make a diagnosis & determine you are not fit for duty. Even without disability, your doctor is able to order you can work only 40 hours per week, or 8.5 hours per day, or whatever.
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    I'm going through the same thing. I've been having heart palpitations and extreme depression for the past 3 or 4 months or so because of my nursing job. Its gotten to the point of me fainting pretty often. I have a doctors appointment on friday so hopefully I can stay out of the ER until then but I don't know
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    Thanks for checking in. I'm surviving right now although still with panic attacks, waking up in the middle of the nit worrying about something I might have missed or the insanity I have planned for the next day.Work still follows me home, getting calls from frantic patient families as I'm stepping out of the shower on the weekend, working before and after work. The ant-!depressants haven't done much. I cry a little less I guess.I did go to my boss after working 8 days straight that I needed to take a week ASAP. So, next week I have off. The sad thing is I will have paperwork to carry over in to my "staycation
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    ....... Ooops, hit send too soon.I have a follow up doctors appt next week. A month too late. Luckily, I've had no more episodes like the one that sent me to the hospital.All that keeps me going right now is that I am in the running for my dream job that will alleviate a vast amount of stress for me. I made it through a bunch of stages, just one more to go, but they aren't hiring quite yet and when they are, I will have the onside interview and hopefully get the job. It's a stay at home position. All computers. Don't even have to talk to anyone. I have 2 friends who have been doing it for 2 years an they love it. As much as I love caring for people, I really need to be taking care of me and my daughter first and forememost
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    I have normal to normal-low BP, but will spike to as high as 220/117 with a headache and visual disturbances once in awhile. I go lay down in a quiet place for about 20 minutes and it normalizes. I doubt you can get disability for your symptoms. Nursing is inherently stressful.

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