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Okay, I've been an RN for 3 years, before that I was a CNA. In 2005 one month into my first job as a CNA my back got messed up. Not too terribly bad, minor back sprain. We where 2 person transfering a guy who just stopped... Read More

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    i hope the question about faking no pain was a joke.

    i had a severe back injury six years ago, had surgery and went back to work in the icu. i'm on medical leave right now for something totally unrelated. please have your back injury evaluated and see what can be done for you. with pain radiating up and down, surgery may be an option. once you're clear on the extent of your injury, your medical and surgical options then you can begin to make decisions about your career options. but please know the extent of your injury first.

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    Just a follow-up, yeah, the comment about "faking pain" was indeed tongue-in-cheek as my DON had informed me that if I just told them my back didn't hurt anymore, this would all go away. It was offensive but I stuck to it and will reach "full recovery" in a few more weeks.

    This did make me reconsider bedside nursing, I admire nurses who can do it, but I never want to hurt like that again.
    While on light duty, they had me cover in another part of the hospital and I discovered a position that is more suited to me in every way. Plus, I'm still a nurse in the same facility, so sometimes they call me to start hard stick IV's and I still go to codes and do the charting...so it all worked out, but WOW what a horrible mess.

    I think in the end this whole situation gave me some real insight about myself and my career and personal goals. So I think this is the end of this story

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