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Hey all! I was wondering if there are any nurses with ADD/ADHD out there who want to comiserate and support each other? I know I need the help/advice. It might also be a place for "regular" people (I hate the word normal) to... Read More

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    Quote from Pvt. Parts
    I've continued to read this thread and frankly, some of the responses I've seen clearly demonstrate some ignorance by some posters -- both stigmatizing ignorance and ignorance in the form of misinformation.

    I really have nothing to contribute except to say that my experience with my ADD has been quite different than most of the other experiences I've read here.

    I'm glad you mentioned this.

    There is research out there showing that a differential dx of bipolar II disorder (rapid-cycling) has been given to people with severe ADHD. I hope you and your Dr. nail down the correct dx before even thinking about treatment and medications -- I doubt you'd want to be on lithium if you don't need it; the same for amphetamines.
    I am another poster (not the one you are addressing) but I did ask my doctor about this. Apparently, bipolar is not simply an issue of degree (that is, not just more severe ADD), but rather has clear characteristics. I quess this can overlap in some people. She told me that ADD was my diagnosis, and she saw no indications of bipolar. I dont know if this helps, but correct me if I misunderstood what she told me. Psyche stuff is way over my head...

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    My name is lateefa and I was diagnised with ADD 3 1/2 years ago while I was in nursing school. I was not coping with school. I had a very hard time keeping up with clinicals and paperwork. After being diagnosed, the trouble I had with getting things done on time and focusing made sense, but I was able to compensate at that time. My mom and dad are both supposed to be evaluated for ADD/ADHD because they definitly see the symtoms in them. My mom definitly has ADHD which could explain not finishing HS, poor money management and her hx of drug and alcohol abuse.
    Anyway, as a nurse, having ADD has made adjusting to being a nurse very difficult. Although I was on meds, I still had a hard time adjusting and my nurse manager put me on extended orientation because of med errors and poor time management. I have improved. However, as a rehab nurse it has felt like an upward row with only one oar on a turbulent river. I don't take my adderall because it started to keep me awake when I needed to sleep.
    I'm pretty optimistic about the future. I plan to seek more suitable employment within the next six months. My coworkers like me and think that I am a pretty decent nurse. I like my unit but I realize that I could not work there for a long time under the emotional stress of feeling like I can't always keep up. I fanyone has sugguestions on what field of nursing/ type of job would be more suitable for a young nurse, let me know. Thanks for reading .
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    Funny Metron that you started this. I'm a psyche RN, 13yrs sober and ADD diagnosed 3yrs ago. I was pulled in by my supervisor on an inpatient unit and she sent me to a doc at Yale who specialized in ADD. I happened to live right outside of New Haven so it was convenient.
    I was always in fist fights growing up, couldn't listen or keep friends and spent my life being independent and picking the high stress jobs - case manager, MR to psyche and then psyche ED as a new nurse. We transcribed orders by hand there and I was always missing things! I left the job before getting fired and ended up in the inpatient psyche unit when my supervisor sent me to the doc. Once on meds, people kept asking me what was wrong because I was so quiet. The clincher was when I noticed that people were being nicer to me. I was able to listen to them and even care! A friend of a friend said something that stuck with me. "It's so nice having beth around now that she doesn't need to be the center of attention." I never realized that I couldn't sit still. My brother and I drove my mother nuts! We have determined that it came from my father (it is passed on by the way). He's text book and is getting worse now that he's pushing 80.
    I feel like I'm at an AA meeting. I thought my problem was only alcohol but now realize that I was medicating with alcohol. It helped me relax.
    After the last 3 1/2yrs, I'm realizing that it's time to get out of home care. I'm being given an opportunity (with 20 yrs of experience) to develop a psyche nursing program and step out of direct care. Home care is bad for us! Can't get started and never finish. It's a pitiful cycle and the demands continue to increase. It's sucking me dry.
    Finally I'll be in the idea business where I thrive. The ideas never stop flowing which is one of our assets!! Wish me luck and thanks everyone for sharing. I will keep in touch.
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    I've been where you are, 20 yrs later. Ritalin LA was better for me than adderral. I was up all night on that and my face broke out at 40! Ask your doc.
    I've found that now that I'm on meds and 13 yrs sober, I don't even want to work in rehabs or the ED type setting. Outpatient nursing of some kind (I'm in psyche) - clinics or other small group work. I'm going into program development/marketing for psyche nursing. Stay away from the type of nursing or the type of setting that is the most difficult. We struggle at work with this diagnosis, don't add to it with a hard job. I was transcribing meds by hand in the ED once. My mentor suggested it wasn't for me! I couldn't see it. You're so young and there's a shortage. Talk to other nurses and you'll find something that works.
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    i'm game for that. funny, it took me forever to get to this thread. i kept looking at it and thinking to myself "i better take a look... hey!! look at that thread..."
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    ritalin LA has minimal side effects and lasts for 6-8 hrs. It doesn't keep me up all night like adderral did. Ask your MD. Straterra did nothing for me.
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    I hope Margaret is still teaching. I know that I'm in psyche because I understand having to struggle and feeling that I'm different from other. Today, with age, experience and understanding, I try to accept the bad with the good and focus on the good.
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    When I told my aunt (PHD nurse and teacher)I had decided to go into psyche nursing she begged me not to be a stupid nurse. I did not know what she was talking about until I became a nurse. WOW!! We need to continue to learn, remain open minded and for the love of God or whatever you believe in, THINK!!! Just because we have ADD doesn't mean we can't problem solve and use common sense. In 2006 let's work on solutions, not who's right or wrong. A secure ego doesn't need to be right, just try to understand. Thanks for your posts. I remain hopeful!
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    This is such a great topic. I wonder if this can be made into a sticky note. I am not sure if that is the offical name. The type of thread that stays at the top and we can continue to post. THis topic IMHO is too important for it to be buried at the back of the list. Dawn
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    We could start our own 12 step group lol. I'm suppose to be finishing up a few notes from last week and here I am still writing. This is pathetic. Time to make the donuts. (shoot, he died this week)!

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