Night shift/inservices

  1. I work 11-7 at my job.

    There is state mandated training for all staff..we have to have a certain amt of hours of dementia training by a certain length of employment.
    The issue is, my job does not care about night shift!!
    I worked 11-7 last night and then there is "mandatory" training from 10am to 4pm.
    If i leave at 4 that puts me home at 530 w traffic. I have to work tonight 11-7, I have to leave my house at 10pm to make it to work by 11.
    I think it is absolutely ridiculous.
    It is unsafe and i scare myself driving half the time, and a schedule like this is pretty torturous..i do not want to put my life, my car's life,
    Or even my patients and license at risk when having to attend these "mandatory" trainings. I have not attended these before and ended up getting written up for it, even after explaining to my DON why times like these are not feasible
    For the 11-7 shift.
    Has anyone ever run into this?
    I am frustrated and sleep deprived.
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  3. by   kantuta
    Maybe you can schedule the mandatory training in your day off. I hope you have days off
  4. by   meanmaryjean
    Welcome to the wonderful world of night shift! (she said, sarcastically). Every night shift worker deals with this issue. I am currently doing a research project on this very problem- that is, the institution's impact on the sleep of it's night shift workers.

    Here's my suggestion: Ask the person in charge of scheduling such a course if they would hold a similar event from 10PM to 4AM and expect the DAY SHIFT to attend. Sometimes, it's not a matter of them being evil, they are merely ignorant of the incredible disruption night shift puts on the body of the worker.
  5. by   Biffbradford
    Some times it can't be avoided and you just have to suck it up and do it. If push comes to shove, then you call in sick that next night and you don't feel guilty one bit because they did it to you.
  6. by   Esme12
    Nothing new.....I told my p;ace of work that my in-services will NOT be on nights I owrk....some did have inservices at night and when I was a manager I always made sure that there were those at night or they were first thing in the morning...or right before the night shift. However most facilities in this market don't care.
  7. by   kbrn2002
    There should be more than one training session. If it is mandatory attendance what about the staff that are working during the training? There should be a make up session for staff that are working, sick or on vacation that can't be there that day. There is no way to train 100% of the staff in one session. If they do not schedule an alternate time when you are not working that same night, call in if you need to.
  8. by   drofseg
    My job does theirs on paydays at 1 pm...I work 6p-6a. That's a hell of a time getting off work, getting in bed by 730, back up again at point in trying to nap when u get home, just gonna have to get right back up...I've asked them to schedule nights meetings at 5 p so we can success
  9. by   NyteshiftLVN
    I understand when they have a "special speaker" or something and it's mandatory and they can't schedule another time, however, they should at least try to give you the day off. If not, I would call off. I used to work for a facility that did this frequently, night shift was expected to be at "mandatory" meetings, however if someone from night shift just simply wasn't there, they didn't write us up for it. Now I work for a facility that has 2 meetings per month, one in the early AM and late PM so that everyone can attend one or the other.