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Missed out on so much

  1. 0 I am very sad. I tried to leave work to get to my second grader's music program at school. She had talked about it non-stop; how she would be on the stage with her class singing for flag day in front of the entire school. She was so proud. As I tried to leave, admissions to my unit show up. I was so late to the school that I missed the whole program. I've missed concerts, sports events, picnics. I can't volunteer or be one of those moms who's always there because of the demands of being a nurse manager. I am afraid that by the time I can afford to work part time- my kids will be gone and I'll just wish I'd chosen time with them over my career and having the extra money. I want to tell my kids "don't go into nursing". Chose anything else where your time and your family will get to come first.
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    Can you get a new job, like perhaps clinic nursing? The decrease in pay has always been worth it to me, I always get off on time and have time with my kids.
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    I'm looking to move to MDS, but we are down RNs right now and I have to work in this position until some are hired and trained. I can't afford the pay cut to the offices. The ones I've investigated are a good four to six dollars an hour less. I recently finished my BSN- which made me miss out on a lot because I had classes and papers to write. I just got accepted into a FNP program. I'm afraid I just have to stick it out. This even just meant so much to my little one, I felt like a jerk for missing it. So many nurses I know are in similar situations where they feel work intrudes on their family
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    Are you missing these events because you are working 12 hr shifts plus overtime and going to school?
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    I'm salaried. So no OT. I have tasks that must be completed before I leave, such as an admission. We have a supervisor that comes in off shifts, but to expect her to do a complete admission and cover the building is not realistic. It's just part of my position. Being a manager is kind of a 24/7 deal. I sometimes have to come in early to see the night shift, or stay late for evenings. Today I did a ten hour day because my new admit had to be sent right back to the ED. I only get paid for 7.5 hrs a day, so it's a big deal to me. I'm not currently attending classes, but I will start my FNP courses in August. Part time. I'm just feeling really guilty about missing out, and I'm looking for a position where I can stick to eight hours and leave work at work. MDS will give way more flexibility and less stress. I'm ANACC certified, shouldn't be too hard to switch.