How to adjust to night shift sleep schedule?

  1. Hi all! I'm a recent nursing school grad and just finished up orientation a few weeks ago. I was on days for orientation and now I am on nights (1845 to 0715). What I have trouble with is falling asleep at a decent time on my off days. My coworkers told me that on their off days, they go to bed no later than 3am and get up by noon or so. I want that so badly!! Yet I can't seem to fall asleep earlier than 7am every day! I have tried setting an alarm around noon but I just sleep through it or I will turn off the alarm and be so tired and out of it that I immediately fall asleep and sleep until 4 or 5pm, basically wasting my entire day. I have tried melatonin 3 mg and benadryl 50mg to try to fall asleep around 1 or 2am, but they don't seem to affect me anymore. I have tried doubling up the melatonin but I end up feeling sick to my stomach when I wake up. Also, when I do wake up I am groggy for a good 3 or so hours and coffee doesn't seem to help it. None of this is affecting my work thankfully because I feel incredibly alert through my shift.

    My question is how in the world can I get to sleep at a decent time on my off days and wake up at noon and stay up?