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Healthy food for nursing school

  1. 0 Hello everybody,

    I have been checking all of the boards on this site, and I have not found one post that goes into the types of food you should be eating or food that is recommended while in nursing school. I was told while I'm in my LVN program, to stay healthy, eat healthy, and to get a lot of exercise. Well I already exercise daily, its eating healthy that I'm having the problem with, lol. I weigh 104 pounds, but I feel that I really shouldn't be at that weight since I never really eat healthy anyways. I just need to start eating healthier. If anyone on here can recommend a few healthy foods that I should bring to nursing school, I would really appreciate it. What types of food should I be eating before and during school? Before studying for tests? During tests? Doing homework?
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    Surely, you jest ...... you're a nursing student with internet access, and can't independently find good info on healthy eating ??? SURELY, you jest..........
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    here are some easy ideas, considering you will take a lunch box:

    * boiled eggs

    *string cheese

    * salads


    * triscuits low fat

    * apples



    * carrots

    * celery

    * instant oatmeal

    * grilled chicken

    * can of tuna

    *cup of brown rice

    * yogurt

    * rice cakes

    ................................and only drink water :d
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    Another List

    1. Apples
    3. cantaloupe
    7.nuts of any kind.. esp almonds.
    8. boiled eggs
    9. all vegetables spinach