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"Why?" "Why am I quiet?" "Why am I alone?" Stop. Please just stop. Stop asking what's wrong. Stop asking for my problem. Stop making me feel inhuman. Stop making me feel inadequate. Stop acting like I do not belong here.... Read More

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    i think i am an extrovert with trust issues so i come across as an introvert.

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    I couldn't have said it better myself. To add to this post from the PP, I'd like to suggest that you try to focus on the fact that they likely do have good intentions. I personally believe that a persons intent is more important (in social matters, anyway) than their execution. Kind of like when you get a gift you really don't like, but the gift giver got it for you because they really thought you would. It's their intentions that are important.Also, just a thought but if it's co-workers of the opposite sex that constantly bombard you with this, maybe they just are attracted to you, but being that you are quiet and don't talk to them for your own reasons, they're unsure on how to approach you since they may see you as an "Ice Queen" (not that you necessarily are one, but it's easy to mistake a beautiful woman who doesn't take the time to speak to you as one).I'll shut up now.
    i dont trust their prying or intentions. less they know the better. i sometimes like being seen as an ice queen. an aura of mystery . my real life persona is different than the obnoxious one here. lol. if people view you as icy they stay away and leave you alone. less unwanted attention, many of us know that and like it! i talk to the people i like. should see how shocked some coworkers are to see the random people i am friendly with when meanwhile in years, i never said anything non work related to them. ha . many nurses in the float pool list this as one of the pros of being a float. you go in for a few hours to each floor, do your job and dont get involved
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    Anotherone this is the exact reason why I float. I don't get involved. I come in get my assignment, take care of my patients and go home. I don't have to talk to anyone other than my patients and the occasional doctor and most of them by phone which is even better.

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    Quote from GrnTea
    You are SOOO going to love this! I know nobody's gonna believe me when I say this, but... this is me.
    Wow, thanks for that video ... dang, I think it brought a tear to my eye.
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    Susan Cain is also the author of a wonderful book on introverts aptly titled "Quiet"
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    My daughter has Selective Mutism, and it seems to bother everyone around her except... her. I think her anxiety comes from everybody else trying to talk to her. She just wants people to leave her alone. If she wants to talk to you... she will. She has about 4 little girls in the whole school she speaks to. She's in 2nd grade.
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    Quote from CDEWannaBe
    If you're extremely introverted it can make other people feel uncomfortable.
    Now the OP is responsible for the feelings of other people? Interesting.
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    I'm an extrovert who used to be an introvert. I sometimes wish I could go back. Like VivaLasViejas, I would also love to be a little less out there. I seem unable to accomplish anything without having to joke about it, or make a production of it, or blast myself publicly for it.

    Be proud of being introverts. It's a fabulous show of confidence to be happy with your inner thoughts on a topic, instead of feeling the need to blab everything to everyone.

    And, don't worry, I have never once asked a quiet person why they're quiet. For someone like me, it's nice to have a captive audience! JK
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