Exercise and Stress - page 2

I just wanted to share that i started exercising to reduce my stress levels and the results are phenomenal. Running or biking in the gym for a half hour soothes me and allows me to focus. Anyone... Read More

  1. by   sticknurse
    absolutely, I know it's worked for me. Knowing I've "fixed" or "nurtured" my body helps my confidence and thinking is enhanced. I was in the military for four years, when I went in the pt part was something I dreaded, I had never been very active, but I realized when I did pt, about an hour later (after the sweat and nausea passed) I felt like I could take on the world. It's pretty cool to feel like that. Good for you. Keep it up and it will benefit you in a million ways.
  2. by   Nurses Self Care
    Yes agree with you all
    Exercise certainly figures prominently in my life; not always the case
    Guess you live and learn what works for you
    I walk a lot
    and yoga which gets me out of my head, being the thinker I am I can overthink which is next to impossible to do on a yoga mat, really helps with that mind body connection not to mention a sense of calmness and oh yes - the flexibility!!
  3. by   tinktink
    Yes, I totally agree. Excercise is the best medicine for so many different illness. I feel so much better after I have excercised. My mood is better and I have so much more energy!!!!!