Don't call in sick!

  1. I'm reading post after post about depression, dreading going to work, anxiety, burnout. Then the subsequently calling out sick, it's inevitable, you ( we) when we get to that point ARE SICK. But please I know it's hard to care or even think straight when we reach this point --but PLEASE!!! Stop calling in sick, and file papers for a leave of absence, tell your doc your stressed out and need time away from patient care. They do it in a second, they get it. Take a LOA!! you might need 3 weeks, longer shorter who knows... but the main reason for this is to SAVE YOUr JOB!!! We all know how they loooove to fire nurses for absence issues--- DONT LET IT GET THIS FAR!!dont let it get to a warning stage!!savevyoir job even IF YOU DONT WANT It!!! Leave on YOUR TERMS, don't put a termination on your record. I know I made this mistake ... I couldn't think straight , couldn't get myself together to even request an loa-- and I lost my dream job, but if I ONLY took an LOA!!! And no, they don't need to know why you are out , please people.... think a minute, take the steps to save your job, then take the time to get well. I've been there I totally understand. When you are at this point mentally---- LEAVE OF ABSCENCE.... because the managers are LOOKING, be two steps ahead of them, if you do it right your job is protected.
    this is not " playing the system" or anything of the sort. These options are there for us to USE--- use them!!! Depression/ anxiety if severe enough , as well as total exhaustion/ burn out are no conditions to be the RN for ANYBODY...this happens so so often , but I'm sorry the outcome for the nurse is dependent on how she handles this period in her life/ career. They give us pathways to help( LOA) we must use them... not just getvup like clockwork every shift and come to work not prepared or even wanting to care for patients.... some need a few week recharge-- some actually need to leave the fiield.... but my God... let that be OUR decision!!! Not some manager or administrator!!! If you mist leave--you are a RN, leave ON YOUR OWN TERMS AND DECISION!!! We ( you) are the ones breaking your back and mind under ridiculous conditions... YOU!!! It's should be nobody but YOU who decides where your career goes!!ill say it again : LEAVE OF ABSCENCE!!!!
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  3. by   RNOTODAY
    Does anybody get what I'm saying and how important this is for our mental health AND career ???
  4. by   marie.rn2419
    Hi there, RNOtoDay. Sounds like you're having a rough time. I'm so sorry, and I know you didn't get the response you were looking for on this thread. But, I hope you're doing better and getting the support you need! Keep your head up and move forward!
  5. by   Marshall1
    Not all positions or employers will allow a LOA. It's a nice thought and would be great if it were an option all the time, but sadly, it isn't.