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I'm just curious... I never thought the end would be near ((2 weeks-- then preceptorship!!)) I've sacrificed taking care of myself (mentally and physically) SO MUCH in nursing school. Did life get... Read More

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    I've been a nurse for two months now, and work in a busy ER. There are days I want to pull my hair out and scream, but my days off? FABULOUS. I NEVER had a day off in nursing school where I had nothing at all to do if I didn't want to do it. I was in school four days a week, and worked three days a week, so my days off from school, I was usually working. This week? Four days off in a row. What the heck will I do with myself?! LOL. A few weeks ago? My nursing school BFF that lives a few hours away now invited me to her place for the weekend for a girls night, with less than 48 hours notice. And I was totally able to do it. There's a lot of stress with the job, but I mostly like going to work, I like the challenge of honing my skills and my critical thinking. And I looove only working three days a week!

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    I thought seeing the light at the end of the tunnel meant #freedom #stressFree #amazinglife
    Boy....was I wrong!

    Spent so many years in nursing school, spent 3 months studying for nclex, passed the nclex and days later started orientation as an RN! Did everything back to back and at the moment I didn't mind, I was very excited to do it all! When I am happy I don't think clearly !!!!!!
    It was a terrible transition- nursing school and nurse in a hospital setting = are worlds apart!!!!
    I faced the reality shock!!!! 3 (12s), sometimes no lunch, my orientation was 3-4 months, I was exhausted, burnt out already!!!!! And it was only the beginning of my nursing career and I felt like I had been working for 40 years!!!! That's how exhausted I was!
    Mine was not a smooth transition because I failed to take a break and care for myself!!! I jumped from one thing to another!!!!!
    One great tip: Search for a job that you might like, do not accept any job just because you're desperate !!!!! Apply at different hospitals not just to one or two units!!! It's better to wait 3-6 months to find a job that you like instead of accepting the first offer you get and be miserable!!! I also know that sometimes as a new grad we do not have much of a choice, we have to start somewhere to work our way up
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    Yes, life is so much better now that I am done with school. Never ever do I have to wake up early anymore because I work nights and on my days off I can do whatever I want and not have to spread myself thin doing a little bit of this and then that.
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    After recently graduating, I have had more "free time" but more stress. I'm constantly reassessing things I did at work the day prior. It's a constantly learning process.
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    I agree I felt like a prisoner too getting out of jail, lol. I have literally been in nursing school non stop (first LPN, then back for RN-ADN) for about 6 years. I have so much free time after graduation and NLCEX-RN, that I just dont know what to do with myself! Hmmm...do I finally get to read a book for leisure! You can push through this, it will be worth it.
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    I find working as a nurse a lot more stressful than being a student. Doesn't compare in my experience. Stress of a deadline for a paper, care plan, project does not compare to the stress of the shift from hell and its reprecussions for any mistake or inability to do EVERYTHING. I have more free time, I guess, but waste plenty of it thinking/worrying about my job etc........
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    I have LESS free time as a nurse than I did as a student.

    But, as a student, I rarely "stressed" in school. I was the girl that would walk into class and see everyone freaking out and that's how I knew there was a quiz/test that day.

    STUDYING stressed me out. So I never did it. Read the text once as per the assignment, paid attention in lecture. That's it.

    Care plans, papers, worksheets- they were never even started until 2 AM the night before they were due. I didn't just procrastinate- I elevated it to an art form. So my time was my own during the day.

    NCLEX- practically walked off the graduation stage and went straight to the testing center. No WAY I was going to torture myself for weeks. Passed on the first try, 32 min, 75 questions.

    I worked 0.8 all through school. Straight As? Nah. But a 3.6, which was good enough for me.

    But now- NOTHING kicks my butt like a 12 hr shift. I wake up at 0500, rarely get home before 2030. Nothing left to do but go to bed because I'm WIPED. Part of it's my unit- a very busy peds unit in an inner city hospital- which will drain you emotionally and physically. I have to have 2-3 days off to get back to a "normal" energy again. I do nothing but work (and dream about work...) on my days on, and then recover on my first day off. It's not til the 2nd or 3rd day off I can do errands, clean, etc.
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    It's still pretty stressful when school is done. Lots more learning and big adjustments. I'm still going through that. I graduated May 2012. For the most part, you don't have to worry about homework or tests. When you're done with your 12 hour shift, you're done. I still find my mind racing right after my shift and I'm trying to sleep, but you know you're done until you work again.
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    eh i dont know about this free time and stress free life after graduation part. I stressed out and studied more post graduation for nclex than i ever studied as a student, then as unemployed nurse pulled 12-14 hr days 7 days a week spent looking for work, following up on leads, researching. As now an employed nurse I get paid for 7.5 hrs but still "work" 12-14 hrs because as new nurse i worry alot such as think about work before after and weekends too so .. no no more free time. You see now the penalty for not knowing the answer is someoen's life and your license do you care? yes so i spend time researching and looking up anything i dont understand. Add on to school work too as i'd like to continue my education so. Free time? what free time? I spend any free time sleeping haha ok thats my life on this end.

    Its ok enjoy a few weeks of relaxation and vvacation as once you find a job those are nearly impossible to get at least not when and how you want it.

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