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Restlessness, agitation, sensitivity, sadness, feeling stuck, inattention... Anyone ever experience these feelings after graduating from nursing school? What did you do to alleviate these... Read More

  1. by   Pneumothorax
    Quote from caliotter3
    I would rather have these feelings after graduation than to have them instead of graduation.
    This is true
  2. by   Despareux
    Thanks. Wow, sounds like it's fairly common. Don't get me wrong, I am truly grateful for all of my experiences--good and bad. But I've never been someone who does well with too much time on their hands with no means to alleviate that restlessness. I'm self-directed provided I have the means, which in my case the 'means' usually equates to money. Outside of running and working out, my interests are expensive--I'm a thrill-seeker.

    Since my original post, things are getting better. I still have moments, but I'm learning how to enjoy down-time with my family.
  3. by   Majestas
    Learning to enjoy this down time is ironically difficult after so many years of school, when we dreamed about all the things we would do given time. Whenever my boyfriend joked about having a young college girlfriend, I would always say that I'm not in college, I'm in nursing school. Now with that phase of my life over, there's more opportunity to focus on strengthening those relationships that supported me and put up with all the tears.
  4. by   FNLYNRN
    Quote from Despareux
    Restlessness, agitation, sensitivity, sadness, feeling stuck, inattention...

    Anyone ever experience these feelings after graduating from nursing school? What did you do to alleviate these feelings?
    I am in the same boat! I have spoken to a few fellow graduates who are experiencing similar emotions / feelings. It is especially frustrating in the Southern California job market which is virtually non-existent for new graduates.

    I am also feeling really frustrated as I was an LVN for 16 years and worked at the top of my scope of practice in a busy urgent care as a charge nurse, ACLS certified provider, starting IV's etc. but when I go to apply for a position the pre-screen computerized application process immediately boots me out when it asks if I am a "new grad" Which I am, but not one without experience in healthcare. it is soooo frustrating. I appreciate the suggestions and advice on this post and thank you for sharing, what the above individual stated, are "normal" feelings after graduation.
  5. by   LivingADream
    I feel the same way. I am in between grduation and the NCLEX and I'm very sad and empty feeling. I do not have any patience with myself for feeling like this either. I should be so excited right now and I'm unhappy with myself for not being able to feel this moment. I feel indifferent and empty inside. Here is something that I read in Scrubs magazine that was validating to me. Hope it helps you too. "Whether you’ve been in school for two years or three, or six like me, school has played a HUGE, monumentous, gigantor role in your life for that amount of time. Even if we had the joy of a long break in between, we were still in “school mode” thinking about what would come next, what we needed to study in the interim. I’m thinking about the day after graduation when I wake up and I don’t have to crack open a book – or even more – the day after taking the NCLEX. In the days when you don’t have another class to go to.I’m so looking forward to having the summer off before my residency starts, but part of me is thinking that there’s going to be a few moments, be they short or long, with some sadness. It’s all going to be over (at least unless grad school is in your nearing horizon). It’s super exciting, but that’s a whole chunk of my life that has just suddenly ended. There’s a loss that’s experienced in some way. And for some, I’m sure it’s more significant than others.
    Nursing school has been our baby, consuming all sorts of time, energy, love and frustration. Nurses – when you graduated how did you feel? Soon-to-be graduates, what are you feeling about your up and coming freedom? I’m a little ambivalent, not sure what the future’s going to have in store emotionally. I’m just hoping for the best and counting the days!"