Depressed and tired of being bullied with

  1. Please anybody I need some advice.
    I have been an LVN for 8 months now and have been working in a hospital on the med/surg floor... One day I got this pt who was very sick and the DR. on call happened to be making rounds when my CN told him she wasn't looking to good well right away the Dr. was like let me see the vs and why do you think she doesn't look good well I start to tell Dr of her low b/p etc. when he starts to make fun of my teeth, I have an overbite and when I little growing up was made fun of all up until middle school which was really depressing time for me because bullying wasn't a major thing back in those days. I mean i would come home crying everyday from school then here standing before me i have a Dr asking me if i want carrot soup in front of all the nurses i just wanted to run and hide like i would when i was little and it didn't stop there then he started to pop out his teeth as if he had an overbite, and started to act like bugs bunny.... so i wait to confront him just as were about to go into the pts room when i ask him "Are you making fun of me," and he says, " Yes i'm blank blank im making fun of you." Ever since then I have been so depressed I find myself dragging my feet just to go to work and cry myself to sleep you would think being a grown adult I would be able to defend myself but i find myself in the same situation as when i was little nothing comes out of my mouth. It been a little over a month now,and the reason I haven't told my director anything is bc the hospital is owned by Dr's and i'm afraid to say anything or leave for that matter because I know lvn's have trouble looking for work, especially in a hospital setting, my husband does not know of the situation but for sure he senses somethings wrong, i want to go back to school and do the transition program but now I don't know what I want. Now a days i find myself asking if i got into the right profession.
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  3. by   sauconyrunner
    No one has the right to make fun of your appearance. Good gracious. Write it up. I am sure the other physicians would be not at all pleased to find one of their colleagues making fun of teeth, of all things. It's unprofessional and he should be taken to task for it, I mean WTH. The other thing is, I am SURE the patient would be horrified to find out that while you are trying to communicate what is going wrong with a very ill patient, he is not focused at all on the patient but on your appearance. WRITE THAT PHYSICIAN UP. He has no right to be rude, even if he is the owner. You hang in there. If you leave that job, you tell them exactly why. Nursing is probably very much for you...I don't think Doctoring is very much for that Doctor.

    I would feel the same way because I mean, we expect middle school students to be mean and stupid, we do not expect Physicians to be that way in a professional setting. It would throw me for a total shock.
  4. by   DutchRN09
    Write up that person. Harrasement in the workplace is illegal. He must be insecure. And he is doing this to others also I bet. Write him up. And tell your husband, he can sense you are sad and might wonder what's happening.
  5. by   amoLucia
    FILE A GRIEVANCE WITH HR STAT!!! He's bullying, harassing, intimidating, you name it. Unprofessional - I'd think about his Board of Medicine just to make his life miserable.

    Would you tolerate it if he did it to a pt? DO IT!
  6. by   Marisette
    The doctors actions is not about you or your overbite. Perhaps, he just did not care about the patient or the patient's problems and wanted to turn the attention to you. Perhaps, he is a clown and wanted everyone in the unit to laugh at your expense. I agree with the above post. This is about bullying and control and no one deserves this. Don't allow this person to influence your decision to pursue your education.

    When you find yourself in difficult situations and don't know how to respond, don't be angry at yourself. It happens to everyone.
    You can still write this incident up. You have witnesses.