Anyone else get bummed out around the holidays? - page 4

Just expressing some personal feelings here (not something I often do but kinda depressed today, and really needed to put this out there). It's been really rough for me emotionally lately (last several years), but with Xmas... Read More

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    YES! YES! YES! I really loathe this time of year for many of the same reasons you do, jpb. I try really hard to be happy about it, but I am SO glad when the new year rolls around. I've got too much baggage to be happy about Christmas. But I try not to spoil it for my husband and daughter by trying REALLY hard to be happy in front of them. I gave up on Christmas with my family of origin 15 years ago. That has helped some. I'd be perfectly happy if I could just skip the whole thing, but I've got a little one, and I want Christmas to be special for her. I am glad I found this thread, though.

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    JBP (((( hugs )))) from across the world.

    So many of us feel the sadness of the Christmas season and we wish for the happy family scenarios portrayed by the media.

    Stay strong, be kind to yourself.
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    Me Too!!! Worked 12 hour shift to get away

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