there a job out there for me?

  1. Just recently I became aware of how much anxiety I have about work. I find having so many tasks, labs to draw/check, dealing with families, dealing with doctors, all the meds, charting, pt care and all the paper work that goes along with it overwhelming!! I love my job and the people I work with, but I think it is beginning to effect my physical and emotional well being. I've tried medications, therapy etc and nothing has really helped. It is getting to the point that I need to consider a less stressful nursing job, but do they exist?
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  3. by   Platypus
    I know how you feel. I took a job in admin. thinking it would be less stressful. At least when I left for the day as a Charge Nurse, I knew I was finished with what I was supposed to do and left the crap behind when I went home. I can't do that because I get calls at home and have "on call" weekends. I also feel like I am in over my head 45% of the time since I have only 2 years of LTC nursing experience, which was fine for the DON that hired me, but current DON has a real issue with it and never fails to point it out. I can't seem to win with this woman. I got sick for three days because my immune system was so weakened due to the stress. When I returned, they complained that stuff wasn't done. Isn't that special. Guess I thought maybe there would be some appreciation for what I do.

    I was told when I was hired that the last two people they hired for the position went crazy. I was also asked how long I would last. I have lasted 10 months and am just waiting for the 1 year mark to start looking for another job. Healthcare is nuts right now!! I work 11 + hours a day, commute 2 hours and am over it. I can't even get nurses to work here because they see a max of 38 residents per nurse and bolt! I have tried to do the units with 31 residents and it takes forever. I am sure if you do it everyday it makes it easier, but you don't have time to talk to the residents, you don't have time to check on the CNAs and what they are doing, and it is your license on the line.

    I know you are not alone. I used to be so happy in my job, so proud to be a nurse. I try to stay positive - but it is very hard lately. Maybe Hospice or home care might be less stressful.
  4. by   iluvivt
    Somehow you have to get to the point where you realize and accept that you can only do what you can do each shift. This is not to say do not get the work completed but keep it all in perspective. You know how to prioritize and you know what to put on the back burner and you are good at what you do...RIGHT?. So change your perspective..STOP telling yourself it is stressful..tell your self it is a challenge and it is exciting and you have the skills to cope. It sounds like you like your job and co-workers so that is great!,,half the battle is over now you just have to stay calm. I would also try and find an acupuncturist (that is also an herbalist) and try a few treatments for stress. Acupuncture was one of the best treatments I ever had for stress. I went for a chronic pain problem but found how wonderful it also was in keeping me calm and stress free and I had a lot to stress about at that time.
  5. by   hella_RN
    Same here I'm a new grad and feel overwhelmed. Hope it gets better!!
  6. by   GitanoRN
    needless to say, stress certainly isn’t unique to nursing. at this level, any job in any profession can be stressful in one way or another, however nurses are by nature resilient and flexible. having said that, we can take whatever comes our way and keep on going, we may need to help each other deal with situations from time to time; because nobody can understand what we do better than another nurse. moreover, for nurses feeling job stress, seek out role models and ask them how they deal with stress, there are nurses who have an inner serenity in a world that's chaotic. in addition, take up a new hobby, yoga, zumba, make time for yourself you deserve it. trust me when i say it gets better once you learn how to deal with your own stress. lastly, don't forget to reward yourself with a visit to the spa, getting your hair done, manicure, massage etc. this can ease your stress and let's not forget a long getaway weekend. wishing all of you the very best in all of your future endeavors....aloha~
  7. by   Marshall1
    Some jobs, like home health and hospice, allow you to schedule your day out and aren't as demanding the the sense of meds due at a certain time etc. That being said, charting and driving are huge parts of these positions so that is something to think about. Most of the nurses I know who work home health or hospice would NEVER go back into a hospital to work. Even w/the draw backs of charting/driving.