% of Nurses that smoke - page 2

I have been working in the medical field for a few years and I was very surprised to find the number of nurses and other healthcare workers that smoke. I found this statistic on a few different... Read More

  1. by   DiplomaNurseRN
    When I started in nursing it seemed EVERYBODY smoked. I remember well the ashtrays in the nursing lounge filled with butts and half burning cigarettes, the physcians lighting up at the nurse's station and, as long as they were not on oxygen, patients and family members burning one in the patient rooms. It was a different time... one of starched white uniforms, polished shoes and caps, timing IV flows with a wristwatch (no pumps then), glass IV bottles you had to vent with an 18 ga. needle, mixing your own piggy backs, pouring meds from large bottles into med cups, carrying narcotics keys around your neck, rotating bp cuffs, leather restraints and 'Brompton's Cocktail' .... having to actually use your eyes, ears and nose as part of a nursing evaluation ....