University of Hawaii-MEPN PROGRAM...anyone heard about it?

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    I'm applying for UH MEPN program for Fall 2009. Has anyone heard about the program? It's fairly new but I just want to know what I'm getting myself I know overall, nursing school is tough but would like some feedback on the MEPN program itself.

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    hello starangel2. i am applying for this program this fall too. best of luck!
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    Hi! Just wanting to know, did you guys get into the program? How competitive was it?
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    Hey Propective Nursing Students,
    I found out I got into the MEPN program and the BSN but unfortunately, I had to turn down the MEPN. I've decided to go with the traditional BSN. For those in the MEPN, good luck! I don't really know anyone in the MEPN but hope you share your experiences with us.
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    Is it classroom based or online
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    BSN is classroom based. MEPN is both first year is classroom and when you transition to Master's specialty, then it's both online and classroom based. Are u thinking about it?
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    Hey all, I'm applying this 2010,

    Any tips or thoughts after a year? How many applied last year? And how many were accepted? When did you find out if you got an interview? Any suggestion for the interview?

    I got my BA in a different subject from UHM and a Really want to attend thier MEPN prog., so any advice or information is welcomed.

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    Aloha AjBob,

    I too have applied for the Fall 2010 MEPN program. I have heard that the first part of the program costs are running around $100,000. I couldn't believe it.

    I'm crossing my fingers for a letter ofr interview in March. The best of luck to you.
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    How'd you get that number? I got. $121,986 for the whole program, Ped NP, using the tuition list for next year.
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    I saw some private posts and the person said they had payed that just for the first part of the program. I am calling tomorrow to double check and make sure of the real cost of everything. I thought that was a bit too high for the first part of the program. I also read that they were having a hard time finding jobs after taking the NCLEX because they didn't have degrees (BSN) while doing the NP portion.