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I'm applying for UH MEPN program for Fall 2009. Has anyone heard about the program? It's fairly new but I just want to know what I'm getting myself I know overall, nursing school is tough but would like some... Read More

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    Quote from MichelleinNV
    I was accepted, but unless I get a fat check from some generous soul, I don't think I will be going. The total cost would be almost $71000 the first year and $80000 for the last two years.. It is a complete rip off coming from out of state. I won't be saddling myself with that much debt for school, I would never pay it off!!
    It's a public university. The state subsidizes the education of residents with the hope that they will remain in the state and benefit our healthcare community. The cost of your education is still greater than even what out-of-state students pay. If you think it is so unfair, why not attend a public institution in your home state?

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    I am from Hawaii and am currently seeking a similar program out of state (or the lengthy 2nd bachelor's route) due to being wait-listed then rejected. As I had stated before, during my interview I was informed that 50% of applicants were accepted from out of state, which seems unusually high for a state school. I have worked at a community clinic serving the homeless population in Hawaii and hope to continue to work in this state with this population. I am highly dedicated to my community here in Hawaii and have extensive family here also. I hope that in the future the school might consider local applicants as somewhat of a priority.
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    I wanted to see if we could get this going for anyone applying for the Fall 2012 MEPN program. I have read some of the posts from previous years and wanted to see if anyone who applied this year would want to communicate like the previous applicants did. Let me know if anyone is interested!
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    Yes, I have applied to MEPN with FNP concentration. Do we also have to interview this year? I couldn't find anything about it on the UHI website. Much aloha...
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    There's been some discussion for 2012 going on at
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    Thank you Bearhugs! I'll check out that board
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    From the information session that I had with Shannon, he said we'd have interviews, but i guess that's all changed now.?.?.
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    No interviews from what I have heard as well.

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