UH Manoa Nursing Fall 2014 - page 11

Did anyone here apply for Fall 2014 admission to Manoa's School of Nursing? We're supposed to be notified in late March and I'm getting really anxious!... Read More

  1. by   rockinitfreshawaii
    Congratulations to you all for getting accepted into the program!!

    Anyone interested in buying a used Pathophysiology book for $80? I'm selling it way cheaper than the used books online from Amazon or whatever, and can get it to you on your orientation day. Let know
  2. by   taylorcb
    @Ellers @Kianagal: I think the technology center is behind Bilger. Do you want to meet up somewhere near McCarthy Mall or the QLC?
  3. by   Hawaii, RN, BSN
    QLC? That's at the varney circle right, where financial aid and the admissions Ofc is at? I'll message you guys my number.

    It's my first semester at UH I don't know where anything is besides Webster hall and the campus center lol.

    @lori did you want to meet up us also?
  4. by   taylorcb
    @Ellers Yeah, the QLC is at the varney circle! Or, we can meet in front of Webster? You can email me your number at taylorcb@hawaii.edu!
  5. by   Hawaii, RN, BSN
    I sent you the email. Webster it is! See you guys tomorrow!