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    Aloha! I am deciding if I want to accept an ICU RN position at Tripler AMC. This is a civilian contract position, not a Federal civilian position.

    Have anyone worked as a contract nurse either for Altos or NSR? What is the pay range?? I know they don't pay as much as the local hospitals, which doesn't make sense..

    Any information is helpful.

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    I worked for NSR - did not find out it was a temporary job until after I started working. Pay is significantly lower than civilian hospitals.
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    @NursePamela - Thanks for the info. I spoke to the people with NSR and I was not impressed. They told me the pay rate and how much medical insurance would cost for myself and my family. I did not return after hearing how low they pay, and how much they charge for medical insurance.

    I can see now why the turn over is high for contract nurses.
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    I too am trying to get a position at Tripler, I have been contacted by Altos about a position. It seems a lot cheaper pay than I was expecting. Does anyone know the average base pay at a hospital in HI?
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    RNs in Honolulu make from 45-lower 50s per hour. After speaking with NSR / Altos, I decided to stay at my current job which pays much better than what they offered.
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    Just out of curiosity, how much did they offer to pay you hourly? I don't need medical insurance, so it might be beneficial to me...
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    The range for critical care/emergency was 34.50-36.50 with the low without medical. Still Brett low in comparison to what other area hospital RNs are making. Too low for me. The staff at NSR are nice, however. Good luck.
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    Kind of off topic...but in regarding Tripler! What is a typical schedule? 8 hr shifts? 12 hrs? Is it a set schedule or a rotating schedule? Specifically looking at L&D/High Risk OB/Mother Baby?
    Also how is parking? Any on-site daycare for employees?
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    Federal RN positions at Tripler start around 59k-low 60's and go up from there a year depending on the position and candidates experience.
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    just curious, what is NSR? I know what Altos is.

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