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Spring 2012 UH Manoa BSN Applicants

  1. 0 So who else is anxious to hear back from the nursing dept!
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    I am nervously waiting for news on my application for the spring 2012 nursing class. I hope I get in. Good luck.
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    how was your nln score dopamine?
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    I'm waiting too! I'm so nervous Hope we get in
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    I got the letter saying they have everything for my application and that they'd send a letter in November! Gosh 2 more months and we'll know!
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    I am anxiously waiting as well. I also received a letter stating that they have everything for my application. It's now just the waiting game until November. I think the letter even stated that they'll be sending out letters at the end of November. I may not have any fingernails left until then. Praying for all of us to get in. Good luck everyone!
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    Just wanted to say GOOD LUCK!!!! It's an awesome program! That wait sucks but it all seems like nothing when you finally get to go! Hoping you all get in!
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    I applied for spring 2012 too and is waiting anxiously as well. I thought having 2 exams nxt week will keep me distracted from waiting but waiting keeps distracting me to study instead. Anyway, hopefully we all get in.
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    Add me to the list waiting for the letter. I've applied to the KCC ADN program 3 times already so I hope my UH application is the winner. I have a Bio degree from UH and scored a 144 on NLN and have all my pre/co-reqs done with a gpa of about 3.6........and still can't get in!! Gotta keep the faith though. Good luck all.
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    damn. how can you still not get in with a 144 composite score? that is really good.
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    I know. UH nursing dept said those getting in have 120's for NLN. My problem is that my bachelor's gpa was bad. I had to work a full time job, part-time job and attend class full time (12+ hours) every semester to get done. I didn't have the time needed to get good grades in my organic chemistry, immunology, cellular/molecular biology, physics... so my grades suffered. I'm in a total different position now and have all A's in A&P I & II, pharm, Micro...so hopefully they see the change in me! All current A's, 2.5years as a lab assistant and phlebotomist in a hospital, and a 144 NLN should count for something though...right? we'll see
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    Do you know when we should receive the letters?
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    They said late November.

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