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    I have a couple UH hunter green scrub tops for sale if anyone is interested. They're a size xtra small (scrubs run big)

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    Quote from keala0102
    No it didn't change but I'm currently a student at LCC, so I think that's why. Don't give up hope yet.. You never know.
    hey Keala,
    I just got my acceptance letter like 10 minutes ago. So ecstatic and relieved! All the extra waiting is all paid off!
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    Yay! Congrats!
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    Quote from francobeano
    Yay! Congrats!
    Thank you! I probably still gonna go to the oriention at kcc...I have this thing for kcc...even though They don't want me
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    Congrats congrats!!!! See you at the orientation next month.
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    NeekoDango, Adrenergic, Swordfight and homesweethome. Don't give up! I am sure I will see you on campus soon!

    Congratulations! Mireille628, keala0102 and francobeano! Can't wait to meet you all next month. Have you all started on your health requirements yet?
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    Yeah! Excited to see you all! The package doesn't exactly tell me what to do for health requirement at this point. I think it mentioned i have to wait for them to send me instruction about that after i send in my letter of intent. Did u already got the email instruction? I just receive my letter today, so havent really do anything about it yet.
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    I did receive my email already. One of the things is having a 2 step TB test done. Lanakila Health Center says that once you have done a 2 step test, you don't need to take it again just the regular one every year. But I confirmed with the person handling all of the health requirements, that we do need to have the 2 step TB test done again to meet UH SoN's health requirements regardless of what Lanakila says. I had mine done at LCC's Student Health Center. They were so helpful. All long as you are an LCC student, if you have insurance it usually doesn't cost anything or there is a small co-pay. If you don't have insurance, it costs around $12.
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    I'm going to manoa Monday to drop off my letter of intent and check out the scrubs and stuff but I haven't done anything else.

    Jujubees, is it walkins for the LCC student health center or is it by appointment?
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    keala, I was able to walk in and do it but I did call them first to make sure that it was ok.

    There are a whole slew of requirements to be met. Mainly, they are hep B, TDaP, 2 step TB, titers, physical exam, forms, etc.

    I went in and checked out their scrubs. When I asked someone random at the bookstore who scanned the scrub tops for me, she said they were $29 and I think the bottoms were like $15. I was told by the nursing school office (advisor) that they were like $10-$15. I hope they are more like $10-$15 than $29. The office did say that people typically buy a couple pair of scrubs and at least 1 or 2 polos.

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