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  1. by   keala0102
    I'm going to manoa Monday to drop off my letter of intent and check out the scrubs and stuff but I haven't done anything else.

    Jujubees, is it walkins for the LCC student health center or is it by appointment?
  2. by   jujubees1
    keala, I was able to walk in and do it but I did call them first to make sure that it was ok.

    There are a whole slew of requirements to be met. Mainly, they are hep B, TDaP, 2 step TB, titers, physical exam, forms, etc.

    I went in and checked out their scrubs. When I asked someone random at the bookstore who scanned the scrub tops for me, she said they were $29 and I think the bottoms were like $15. I was told by the nursing school office (advisor) that they were like $10-$15. I hope they are more like $10-$15 than $29. The office did say that people typically buy a couple pair of scrubs and at least 1 or 2 polos.
  3. by   keala0102
    Thanks for the heads up.... I just see the dollar signs adding up but it'll totally be worth it.
  4. by   going2BaNurse2014
    The dollar signs add up quick! Congrats spring class of 2012! I also have 2 pairs of green scrub pants, unisex, size med if anyone wants them. I recommend 2-3 polos and 1-2 sets of scrubs, you can wait for a few weeks on scrubs because you don't actually start simulations or clinicals for the first 3 weeks, it also depends on how often you want to do laundry. Have you checked out professors yet? I would recommend mine, she's cool, actually most of them are pretty good. Its an awesome program.
  5. by   jujubees1
    going2BaNurse2014, thank you so much for your advice. It helps a lot. I will take the pants if you still have them.

    Which professors would you recommend? I haven't even thought about that yet. I am still in the process of getting through my health requirements.
  6. by   going2BaNurse2014
    Yes get your health requirements done ASAP, that gives you earlier choice of instructors. I'm partial to my clinical instructor, Mrs. Hodges, she's really sweet and we did most of our clinicals at one place (the VA), all of the other groups rotate around, but I think we got to see a bit more stuff than the other groups. I would also recommend Brooks and Wang, Tari-Sanchez is also great (she specializes in geriatrics) but I'm not sure if she's going to be teaching in the Spring, hopefully so, she is great too. Brooks is the main coordinator for N210 so you will see her a lot. They are all really cool though.

    The other groups go to other rehab and nursing homes like palolo, hale nani, and they also get to go to Halawa, we didn't get to do halawa, which would be cool but I'm very happy with the clinical I picked. I know my whole group is.

    When is your orientation(s)?
  7. by   jujubees1
    Our first orientation is tentatively scheduled for December 9 and the second one is tentatively on Jan 4 or 5. I was speaking with someone I just met who is finishing up her last semester and she totally recommended asking others about professors so your help is awesome! Thank you going2BaNurse2014! I don't know anyone who is currently in the BSN program but am excited to meet everyone.
  8. by   SNSWTR
    For those who need to get their titers, if you go to DLS and pay cash up front, I think they'll give you a 50% discount. I had insurance, but wasn't sure it would cover the test, so I paid cash up front. It should cost ~$60-$100 depending upon what titers you need. I didn't need them all, so my bill was <$60. Call them up and ask. You can also check out the student health services at UH, too. The costs for uniforms, health requirements, and books add up, but it is an investment.

    Speaking of books, try to find out what books you'll need early and order them online to save some money. Amazon and Barnes and Noble are great. Since you'll be under time constraints, I wouldn't suggest buying used books online, as vendors tend to use media mail to ship out to Hawaii, which can take longer than 1 month to get here. I bought most of my books new and some used and saved about $200 off the bookstore price. If your cohort is using the same books as ours, you'll initially need Potter & Perry, Edelman, Cherry, the APA book, and the Mosby's DVDs; and Jarvis by the third week. Some quiz answers can be found in the patho book, so you might want that early, too. Honestly, though, I haven't opened the patho book that much and I've done okay so far in patho, so I'm on the fence about that one. It's a great reference, but a pretty pricey investment, so it's up to you. As long as you have the other books from the start, you'll do okay. Midsemester, you'll need Davis and Curren. I didn't open the culture book. As far as the other books go, they'll probably collect dust during the first semester.

    If you can, get the Littmann stethascope. It'll make listening to heart sounds much easier.
  9. by   going2BaNurse2014
    Yeah I bought the patho book, the APA book and another book from amazon, the rest I bought from the bookstore... the good thing is that you will use the books throughout the program. ratemyprofessor.com is helpful for choosing your instructor too. I kinda chose mine blindly but I got really lucky

    I didn't know anyone in the previous semesters either but have managed to meet a few and they help with picking professors. I can't believe its almost time for 2nd semester! It goes by so fast!
  10. by   SNSWTR
    [Hi, going2BaNurse2014. I think I know who you might be, and you probably know who I am. Nice to see you here!]

    Yes, I don't think you can go wrong with the profs for the first semester. They all have their strengths. Overall, it's been an enjoyable experience--albeit a sleep-deprived one.

    (Just noticed my spelling error for "stethoscope". Can we edit?)
  11. by   jujubees1
    SNSWTR, thanks for your encouragement and advice now and during the application process. It really helps to hear from those that have already gone through the experience. How is school going and balancing with your family? I will be in the same boat as I too have a ton of kids.
  12. by   clover88
    Correction: I have 3 white UH scurb tops and 3 hunter green scrub pants all size extra small for sale for $10 each. Let me know if you are interested.
  13. by   gocards
    See you next month Mireille, Keala, and jujubees. I FINALLY got my acceptance letter in the mail today! Forwarding mail takes forever. Either way, I am so excited and I can't wait to start.