Spring 2012 UH Manoa BSN Applicants - page 6

So who else is anxious to hear back from the nursing dept!... Read More

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    Sorry servelove and neeko! Keep trying and don't give up.

    Congrats jujubees and I'll see you soon. I also got my acceptance letter and nearly fell to the ground. So excited.

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    @NeekoDango Yup, there is an alternate list for UHM. I was placed in that list
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    Did anyone get in both UHM and KCC?
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    Do you guys know any good alternatives to focus on? Maybe nursing just isn't for me.
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    Am I the only one who has not received any thing in the mail yet?? Getting really worried
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    Hi Friends,
    I have been placed on the alternate list at UHM I have very mixed feelings about it! I feel like everything is still up in the air, because it said that notification could be as late as the first day of classes! I am just not sure how do I plan accordingly

    I wonder how many people were put on the list and what is the likelihood of the any of the 55 accepted would decline their acceptance. Anyone have an idea?
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    Hi homesweethome, we're in the same boat. I have the exact same feeling as you do. It will be another waiting game for us. Anyway, I hope you don't mind asking me this but what is your gpa? Nln?
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    I hope this waiting game will be worth it

    Here are my stats. I did have a couple of classes withstanding.

    cGPA and prereqGPA: 3.3-3.4
    Verbal 93
    Math 72
    Science 88
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    I hope so too. The waiting game sucks but at least we still have a chance. Keeping my fingers crossed. Oh and good stats btw.
    Did you applied to KCC?
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    @ mireille628

    i still haven't heard anything and it is killing me. does mail take that long to go to kaneohe??

    also, the waitlisters... when were you notified?
    anyone received a letter stating that their transfer credits didn't qualify? i have no idea why i haven't received anything...

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