New grad BSN moving to Honolulu

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    Hello all,

    I just found out my husband (who is military) is getting assigned to Hickam this summer and I will move out there once I graduate from my BSN program in May 2015.
    What are the job prospects for new grads out there? I recognize I'll need to be open to any unit, although my interest is L&D and peds. I'm worried about being able to find a job out there after reading some threads in this forum.
    Any input/tips/suggestions are appreciated. I'm considering waiting to take my NCLEX until I get to Hawaii, so I can avoid applying for reciprocity etc.

    Thank y'all for your time!

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    Also, should I consider commuting to a different island for a job, or is that not recommended?
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    It actually doesn't matter where you take your NCLEX, as long as you applied to the board you want to become licensed in. Once you get your ATT, you can register to take your NCLEX at any test center you desire.

    The jobs in Hawaii are tough for new grads. Most are either working as aides or in LTCs. Outer islands are a little better, but still pretty hard. I'm not 100% sure about this, but I have heard that Tripler Army Medical Center gives first dibs to those in the military stationed in Hawaii for jobs. I have a relative who works there, and that is what she told me. Try to look into it, I don't know if it's entirely true.

    I think your best bet would be to look into LTCs/nursing homes. Also try volunteering. I have a few friends who volunteered and got jobs shortly after.

    I don't know what the job market will be like by the time you graduate and pass your boards, but I could bet it will still be like it is now. Hopefully more nurses will retire, and it'll get a little better. Good luck!
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    From Hawaii, working at a hospital in hawaii,

    New grad jobs here are tough...many unit secretaries, nurse assistants, etc are BSNs waiting for a new grad opportunity. I'd go far to say that they almost expect you to have some kind of NA/secretary experience (1yr+) within the hospital itself before you'll be considered. Even LTC/home health jobs are hard to come by for BSN grads d/t high new grad demand/not a lot of inpatient opportunity. I was in a new grad program about a year ago and my cohort had around 40 people, all of them were from Hawaii and had graduated from a nursing school in Hawaii, one was from san diego and had gone to UH, and myself and another girl were the only two that had gone to schools in the mainland, and we were both from Hawaii.

    I think hospitals out here are biased towards new grads that are from Hawaii/went to school here because they know they'll stay (its home, not a lot of people move from hawaii to the mainland unless its later on in their career).

    Like LVHI_RN said, maybe volunteering, making connections, try there. LTC/home health/temp staffing.

    Sorry to be so grim, I really do hope you do find something here, just wanted to give you a clearer picture. Good luck to you :-D
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    Thank you for the replies!
    That's a little discouraging because we need my income to help supplement our household income... However, I'll be sure to apply for all the positions you all mentioned in addition to RN positions and hope that I get lucky.
    We will be stationed there for 3-4 years, so hopefully by that time I will secure an RN job!
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    Arm yourself with really, REALLY strong letters of recommendation, your ACLS/PALS, a PHN license if it's available in your state, and do NOT be too proud to work for peanuts in LTC or home health to start. Even experienced BSNs aren't finding jobs anywhere. Be prepared to be unemployed for a while.......I hope you'll luck out.

    Also, don't use a real picture of yourself for an avatar.
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    If you don't mind me asking, which hospital was your new grad program at? I'm from Hawaii, graduated in the mainland. I really wish I could move back, but the job market is what's in my way right now.
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    I work at Queen's. They had a large amount of new grad programs last year, the last cohort i believed they hired at 60.

    The new grads were hired into the float pool, but you were assigned a floor for 6 months orientation (3 months with a preceptor and 3 months solo) to get you stabilized, with the option of being preassigned if the need was there after 6 months for the floor. I love float pool. It's great because after a year or so you can get tele-trained at Queen's(which is what I'm about to do next September), you pick whatever schedule you want and get it majority of the time and scheduling vacation is a non-issue.

    I think there's gonna be a huge need relatively soon, especially with more people leaving for the new hospital opening up (Queen's West, which is the old St Francis West before it went bankrupt). From what I've heard they're gonna do a new grad program in May, no idea how big it is though.

    We definitely have a huge need in house right now for tele trained nurses because a lot of em are leaving or moving to floors/west, and the tele floors are struggling to staff tele nurses right now. I know certain floors supplement their tele staffing with agency. If you have tele experience in the mainland, it's a + if you want to work at Queens in my opinion! :-D
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    Did you move home right away after you graduated? I'm still in the mainland and licensed here. I'm debating if I should get licensed in Hawaii as well. It would be AMAZING if I could get into the Queen's new grad program. I have no experience I'm still looking for a job out here, but I've had no luck so far. 60 is a lot! Do they post the apps for the new grad program in the career section on their website?

    Thank you for all the info. I appreciate it.
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    I spent a year in cali after I graduated, worked for an home health infusion company and then applied at queens randomly while I was away back here on vacay.

    Pali Momi and Straub does hire new grads, but more often than not they're the aides that have been there 1+ years with their nursing degree. Also gotta say that Queens is moving towards hiring BSN only.

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