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Hi, I am just trying to get some clarity on Kapiolani's RN program. I am a military spouse and am new to the island, so I called this college and was told that they do not take non-residents. ... Read More

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    This bill is about to be passed so all of you military spouses out in Hawaii have no fear, you soon will be able to go to KCC or wherever you'd like!!

    This bill just means that if your active duty spouse is from California or any other state excluding Hawaii, then you as his spouse can claim the same state. That still doesn't work for Kapiolani community college, unless the active duty member changes his residency to Hawaii.

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    I am trying to decide between KCC and UHM.
    I keep hearing that there is a "nursing surplus" on the island.
    Have you all found jobs from getting the Associate's degree from KCC,
    or BSN from UH for that matter??

    I feel worried about everyone's warnings about the "surplus" of nurses
    and lack of jobs, so I wanted to ask you all if you agree with that.

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    UHM. The ADN is not a marketable degree in Hawaii because the hospitals are moving toward the BSN as the entry/desired degree. So you're better off going to UH or HPU.
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    What about the bridge program? Does anyone know if you get into KCC if it is easy to finish your BSN at UH Manoa or do you get put on a waiting list to enter into the program?

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