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Hi, I am just trying to get some clarity on Kapiolani's RN program. I am a military spouse and am new to the island, so I called this college and was told that they do not take non-residents. Well do they mean non-resident... Read More

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    Hi ctekholm. I thought it was worth the shot too because I only have 2 classes left. I am taking Anthro 200 from Prasad (I recommend her if you like to write papers, we have 4 due altogether with a semester long paper but the 5 exams are all open book) and I am taking PHARM 203 from Tanji at LCC. Right now I have a 4.0 and my composite was 141. Supposedly that is supposed to be a competitive score. Have you taken the NLN yet? Don't be like me. I didn't watch the time and they didn't warn us and when I finally looked up at the time I had 20 questions left on part 1 with 30 seconds to go. So I had to randomly fill in 20 questions on the first part-which you cannot go back to. You can bet I watched my time during the science and math portions. I am taking it again in January and hope I can do better. Actually, I am hoping that I don't need to take the darn thing again and that I can get in for Spring (Jan) 2010. If not, then I will be putting in my app for Spring 2010 like you.

    What classes are you taking right now, maybe I can give you some tips. I just took MATH 100, ZOOL 142 & 142L (online from Dunn) in the summer from KCC.

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    You sound like you're set! That's a pretty great score too, Why take it again if you don't mind my asking? Anyways though, I'm sure you would do even better if you managed your time.
    I haven't taken the NLN yet so I don't know what to expect. I haven't taken the classes you're in but am probably signing up for them next semester. I'm fairly new to completing a focused set of pre-requisites, so I haven't gone as far as you have. Right now I'm taking math, a humanity, MICRO 130 from teena, ZOOL 141 from harada, and CHEM from pandya.
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    I took all my classes online except for math because I needed the inclass experience. THis is my second degree & I grad from UHM 12 years ago in a different field. Unfortunately although I took all of these sciences then, I had to retake them. I could only use my chem, a humanities & psyc100 from my old degree. I started taking classes in January and I will be complete this semester. Sounds like you have a good load there, try not to stress. Zoology online was great for me but so much to memorize. It's zoology 142 that you have to worry about, that gets deeper than 141. Speaking with the counselor there at KCC, he said they are looking to bring on 2 new instructors this semester so he said it is possible this semester (and subsequent semesters) that they would take up to 50 students instead of 30. Did you hear the news this morning? A record 590 students in the nursing and dental hygiene program at UHM. THat's a lot to compete with especially when there is no nursing shortage here in Hawaii. Watch these posts and you will see that getting a job when you graduate may be very difficult. My advice to you if you can is to take a CNA class and work a few hours while you go to nursing school. It's my current plan. THen after one year and a semester in the nursing program you may sit for your LPN exam. It is very important to have some experience before you graduate, Hawaii hospitals do not hire new graduates very often.

    Goodluck with your studies. I will be waiting to hear from KCC. THey will be mailing out the acceptance letters by mid October and I will be away on a trip with my kids when that letter comes. How nerveracking.
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    Sorry ctekholm, I went rambling off and I didn't answer your questions! I am planning on taking the test again to see if I can get a better score to guarantee my entry in Fall 2010, and for personal reasons as well. I was very upset at myself for running out of time and want to see what I really would have gotten if I finished the whole test. As for the NLN, I suggest you buy the book now even if you are not ready to take it. The study guide is from the NLN is EXCELLENT. It's almost ditto of the test. Of course not the same exact questions but everything you need to know is on there. I also suggest you start a vocabulary list for yourself now. Take one that's already compiled from the internet. The GRE list is a great start: http://www.testprepreview.com/vocabulary.htm. Put it in a word document and them add words as you go along. THen, take the vocabulary words from the NLN study guide and add them to the list too, you will definitely need to be keen on your vocabulary. You'll be fresh on math and sciences just from taking classes but we don't take any "vocabulary" classes. Again, you have a full load so be careful and do good, study hard and don't give up!
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    590 students! that's some crazy competition. It would definitely make you feel prouder for getting in if you beat out hundreds of other students.
    I understand your reason for retaking the NLN, best of luck to you on achieving your better score. Its highly frustrating when certain things just don't play out when you're putting so much work into it. Thanks for the tip on the NLN, I was going to buy the prep book from barnes & noble but this seems just as efficient.
    As for those online classes, I seemed to have wasted my time when registration came, couldn't get any online classes. So its a bit more difficult taking them all face to face. More time consuming.
    Do you have your CNA already? I took a CNA and medical assisting class that went on for a year so I have that certificate. I haven't put it to good use since I haven't gotten a job. Tomorrow though, I will be completing a phlebotomy program so I could broaden my medical experience before nursing school.
    I hope its not too nerve wrecking on your trip, knowing your letter is just right there! Good luck to you
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    Hey Makoa,

    I hope all is going well in Pharmacology. I dropped it and will have to stay satisfied with my B. Had to make an emergency trip to the mainland for my elderly dad. The other classes were online.

    This waiting for the response after applying is grueling. But I figure that it will all work out. If not I will try for fall or go to Chaminade since I attended there before. After visiting with my sick father I stopped stressing about the nursing program which was driving me insane , worrying about grades, whether I get in etc. EVerything does need to have its time and I need to relax. sigh ! I could really worry myself sick after all that hard work during the summer.

    You are right, about so many nurses and I need to have faith that somehow I will end up with a job in a career that I love. Preferably at Kapiolani or Queens , near my home. I haven't heard how many applicants there were but know that alot apply that are not really qualified at the time. Have fun on that trip. Enjoy because if we get into the program it's going to be busy.

    Has anyone else applied ?
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    Hey there KL2010,
    Nice to hear from you, sorry to hear about your dad. Family is first, that's why we're doing this in the first place, right? I think I've gotten over the anxiety this past few days as I sat and pondered about what another 8 months of freedom with my kids would be like. Once I realized that these vacations I take 2-3 times a year will be a thing of the past for the next few years, then I don't think I really mind if I get in next August instead of January. Whatever works. I wish that everything works out your way and I'll hear from you soon.
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    as a military wife i have been in oahu for 2 months. i am a lpn here in hawaii and would like to become an rn. i finished all pre reqs for kcc in ca. except the nln exam which i am supposed to take in november. i noticed on the application it says, "local residents preferred" and it immediatly put a bad taste in my mouth. first, isn't this discrimination? the students at this school are funded by the state but also recieve federal financial aid!!! it clearly states that no school recieving these funds can discriminate becuase of race, religion, ect.... second, i was told by the nursing office clerk and the admissions clerk that military does not recieve resident tuition thus they prefer locals becuase they can afford it. wrong! we do. i was encouraged to apply to hpu. third, i was asked for a letter saying i will be here for several years after graduation to serve on the islands. excuse me? out of 100% of the rn graduates here on the island only 25% can find employment (most as lpns not rns). there are no jobs for new grad rns here so you have to go to mainland as 75% of graduates have reported! who cares if i'll be here after graduation or not? they could leave just as quick as i could. fourth, it's not easy to apply and it costs approx. $200 to get prepared for application. i am considering sending this information to aclu and also naacp for review. i am so furious that this behavior is still allowed and tolerated that i am willing to give up my advancment in career to bring a point to this sad and repulsive behavior. they basically looked me in the eyes and said, "get to the back of the bus!" shameful.
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    I know exactly how you feel! I had a very similar experience a couple of semesters back...I don't understand it, and I didn't get in KCC. I applied to the university and I got in on the first try. Your thread may start a a heated debate, I have read many, participated in a few, in the past couple of years...I wish you luck, and YES! is is frustrating, and NO! I do not think it is right, but it continues to be "done"
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    I understand your arguments along with others as well just read posts from out of state and military students. You're right, a lot of graduates who are locals do leave. But more than likely you WILL leave if you are a military dependent. I disagree with your statistic that 75% of the graduates of KCC leave. But if we had to use this statistic as a reference then I would have to say that 100% of military dependents leave. Honestly, I wish that every single person that applied could get in, I would love to see that. And I agree with you that it seems like discrimination. But if it were, this practice would not have gone on for so long. KCC's acceptance policy is perfectly legal otherwise it would not have been in practice for so long. You can apply to UH Manoa. They don't care if you are from Hawaii or from Mars. They have double the seats available and you can get a bachelors instead, only a few more classes to take compared to KCC to get into their program. And your comment about discrimination? The NAACP? The ACLU is not federally funded by the way. This is not a race issue. We have all races living here in Hawaii. There is no discrimination since ALL are welcome to apply, giving preference to RESIDENTS first, not race. If there are no qualified residents then the list will move to non residents. Will this ever happen? No. Why? Because there's only an average of 30 seats available. Are military families subject to state taxes from their pay here? That's where a large pool of state funds for the college come from, part of the reason why its preference to residents. I'm not trying to argue with you, because I agree with you. I get what you're saying, exactly. Unfortunately KCC does not have enough seats and funds to get what you are saying.

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