going pay rate in hawaii?

  1. anybody work in hawaii and know what the pay scale is over there? wondering what a RN starts out at and what the average experienced nurse makes. even what a typical travel nurse makes out there. I would imagine it is similiar to california or possibley NY pay since cost of living is high in both areas. I work in Florida our pay range is 22 starting as new nurse and up to mid 30s for a RN with lots of experience for in a hospital.
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  3. by   mcubed45
    the regular job rate at the major hospitals is a little over $50 an hour
  4. by   bellatrixrn
    New grads start out at 36 where I work. Traveling nurses get 50+ and usually have living expenses paid for. Seasoned nurses can make 50+ as well.
  5. by   surfnurse311
    shoot well I spoke to two different agencies for jobs on oahu they were around 33-36/hr with Housing stipend, incidentals included in that pay with aroun 15 i think of it taxed. maui was around 42/hr. any idea what agencies are throwin that kinda pay to travelers?
  6. by   bellatrixrn
    No, sorry. Although the nurse I spoke to that made that much was an ICU nurse, that might make a difference.
  7. by   surfnurse311
    I am ICU,hah I'm specialized in Cardiothoracic surgical /Medical Cardiology ICU with experience in Trauma/medical/ Surgical ICU from a large Magnet teaching hospital in Florida. I just interviewed for Straub the other day... I wana try use travel to get a perm or PRN job over there to get outa florida
  8. by   bellatrixrn
    Did you try Queens? They just had a job fair. They also have online job postings.
  9. by   NewGrad_RN&LPN
    LTCs/SNFs - 30s
  10. by   EDNurse74
    All the travelers here get paid less than staff, but they have housing provided. Hawaii has the luxury of lots of people wanting to do assignments here so travelers do not get paid that well. Hospitals do offer travelers positions tho, so it may help to take an assignment and hope there is an open position when the contract is done.