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Fingerprinting...for NCLEX

  1. 0 Wondering if anyone knows where go to get fingerprinted for my background screening? The police station? Any idea how much it costs?

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    You're saying you need to be fingerprinted to take the NCLEX? Must be a state thing--no need for that here. They DO take a scan of your finger and palm when you test, but no need for fingerprinting/background check to sit for the exam.
    Are you thinking for licensure?
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    Yes, I am taking my NCLEX to get my license in another state. No way a new grad is going to get a job here, so I'm not even going to bother sitting for the Hawaii boards....then have to deal with the hassle of changing it over!!
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    Quick update:
    There is a place in Restaurant Row called Image City, a small shop that does ink fingerprints. Super quick, cost just over $20. Just call and make an appointment first.
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    Is Hawaii board of Nursing required a hard finger print ?? Please , anybody knows? deltade88@yahoo. com
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    Police stations will do fingerprinting. I do not know what they charge in Hawaii.

    I had to get my fingerprints done, and I went to the local police station to have it done. I do not remember how much it costs.

    Somewhere in the PACNW

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