Does hawaii transfer clinicals?

  1. I have a really complicated case here. I obtained a degree from a 4 year state college with a poor gpa of 2.3. Nevertheless, I got into a community college nursing program and just finished 15 credits with a 3.867gpa with only 4 out of the 15 credits being the nursing class. I have 4 more classes that takes 2 more years to complete and unlike the first nursing course I took, these involve clinicals. I am very upset at myself for losing the 4.0 when I just started the nursing class. In the midst of this, my parents decided to move to Hawaii. Does anyone know if any 4 year nursing college in Hawaii will transfer the classes I took at a 4 year institution and at least one clinical I will be taking at the community college? To keep things short my main goal was to become a crna like many people do and I've read in posts that one isn't even considered without a 4.0. Despite the fact that a RN diploma in combination with my 4 year degree will consider me eligible to get a Masters, I've read a BSN is required. Hypothetically speaking, I am not sure if crna schools will count a 4.0gpa from a community college mixed with a 2.3gpa from the B.A. Now, I am not interested in an accelerated nursing program because I feel that I won't make the gpa. Yet, I would like to graduate in 2 years and was hoping that someone would know if any 4 year school in Hawaii would facilitate this transfering concept I have in mind. Thank you for taking the time to read this!
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  3. by   confusedstudent_88
    You will need your BSN for the CRNA degree. You also need 2+ yrs working in ICU (adult preferred). You also need to take the GRE. You should focus on doing well in those things before trying to apply to CRNA school. The competition is fierce
  4. by   ImKosher
    Sorry, there's no accredited CRNA program in Hawaii. Saying that, what island are you moving to?
  5. by   4everyouthful
    First of all, thank you for your response. To add on, I am aware of the required ICU experience. Infact, I heard they want someone with 5 years of ICU experience and one school I believe prefers other ICUs over neonatal because neonatal is easier. I hope this information reciprocated my part of information sharing. I think my main question lacked some organization and wasn't very straightforward. My parents are moving to Hawaii and I'd prefer to move with them under the conditions that a 4 year institution in Hawaii will transfer my undergraduate courses and one clinical that I will be taking at a community college despite my 2.3 undergrad gpa in contrast with a 3.867 nursing gpa.
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    I am not sure which Island I am moving to. I was told it didn't matter because the distance with most locations such as colleges were at a relatively close distance. Additionally, do you know if Hawaii has a low gpa requirement for their BSN program and if there is a 4 year traditional program I could transfer to with the lowest gpa requirement?
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    i am not sure which island i am moving to. i was told it didn't matter because the distance with most locations such as colleges were at a relatively close distance. additionally, do you know if hawaii has a low gpa requirement for their bsn program and if there is a 4 year traditional program i could transfer to with the lowest gpa requirement?
    granted, i didn't get my bsn nor my msn here in hawaii honolulu, however, some of the students that have done their clinical where i work have informed me that in order to be considered for the nursing program at the hilo university in honolulu hawaii one must have a minimum gpa of 2.7 in order to get further information call the following 1 (808) 974-7664. wishing you the very best...aloha~
  8. by   4everyouthful
    Thank you! I really appreciate that you took extra measures to provide me with the exact gpa and even the phone number.
  9. by   tyvin
    It matters very much which island you will be on...3.GPA is what I hear but in the end you need to call them, google them, do your research. You can find out all the information you seek online.

    I don't know of a Hilo University in Honolulu, it's on the Big Island. They could have a program on Oahu but it's mainly the University of Manoa (that's who you should do a search on) that has programs on most of the islands through the community colleges. I do know it's cumulative and the competition is incredibly fierce. There is a long waiting list so may I suggest you start getting the right numbers and call ASAP.
  10. by   4everyouthful
    The information about the University of Manoa having campuses throughout the whole state was very helpful and thank you for the heads up on the waiting list. I find it unappealing that they have the usual waiting list because i am trying to find an alternative way to transfer to a traditional BSN program that allows me to graduate in 2 years despite my limits. Time is important because I don't want to be in Hawaii for more than 2 years. As a matter of fact, I chose the current community college I am at now because they accept about 180 students every semester and they accept students in the summer. The pool of entrance ticket is much greater than most cc's and because there is a very low graduation rate of 7% I think these are the reasons that allowed me entrance only after taking 11credits with a 4.0. I was told that there is a swarming number of asian population there such as Japanese and Chinese. To get into a sensitive topic, I feel that being an asian myself, schools with an overwhelming asian populations have very competitive standards for entrance into a nursing school. I was hoping this time that relocation was the alternative for transfering into a traditional BSN program with a low gpa yet a high cc gpa.
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    You cannot transfer into UH Manoa or KCC, you would have to start fresh. Also competition is super fierce, most people have gpa of 3.5 and above. Possibly HPU? Also Chaminade I hear you have to take all 4 years which includes prereqs. And those are just the schools on the island of Oahu. As for Big Island, Maui, Kauai, i took believe that all those programs don't accept transfers either as the are all part of the UH system. I personally called a few schools and asked if I could transfer my Nursing credits and they said that was an absolute no. Anyway, good luck to you
  12. by   helloheather13
    Also I think most schools have a high competitive standard, even if it is not predominantly asian. Nursing is an in demand career and people know they have to do good in order to be a candidate. This coming from a non asian perspective.
  13. by   ImKosher
    Yeah, just because your Asian won't win you brownie points. My opinion is to stay stateside to get finish school faster. You priority should be to get that RN sooner then later.
  14. by   Esme12
    Ethnicity really doesn't have a bearing on the competitiveness of getting in school. Nursing schools are very competitive right now with many applicants for few positions. A good GPA will have a lot of bearing if you are considering CRNA school, is extremely difficult with a rigorous curriculum........ only the best of the best are granted admission. Gitano is living on the islands right now and gave you great advice.

    GoodLuckon your journey

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