Anyone knowof any NON-Residents getting into KCC ADN program

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    I originally moved here to accompany my husband with a military move for 3 years, and I was finishing my pre-reqs, but just recently found out we aren't moving anytime soon, actually we are stying for 3 more years...SO, now I am looking into the KCC ADN program, and am completely discouraged. I took my pre-reqs under military-non resident exemption tuition, but now I have lived here long enough to meet residency requirements, but after talking to the admissions office, they say, just because I have lived here long enough, doesn't mean I qualify for residency status. (even though I work & pay state tax & I am registered to vote here in Hawaii)
    I know it is really much easier for a resident vs a non-resident to get in, but...what I really would like to know is do you have any news of any non-residents getting into the program?
    I have all my pre-reqs completed, as well as all my co-reqs (except pharm 203) and I have a GPA of 3.92. I am taking the NLN in January,
    and I really want someone to tell me I am not wasting my time!!!
    Thanks for listening!

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    What does KCC stand for? What does ADN stand for? What island are you (bg) on? For anyone who answers the post... does bg's problem apply to only her island, or to all the islands? Thanks! Lisa from Phoenix ;-)
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    Call your congressperson? You're in a unique position. In 1976 I tried to get into Leeward Community College for the LPN program and was told their "military dependent" quota was already full. There were articles in both newspapers of needing more military veteran college students. So I met with registration and said," but I am also a veteran; you can admit me as a veteran" go.

    I would continue to ask. I would also call your elected state official and congressperson. There could be a waver for military dependents (how I hated that term!!)
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    Sage advice: Don't take no from a person who is not authorized to give you a yes in the first place.

    You wrote that you talked to admissions. Did you talk to an entry-level employee? Entry level people usually say no. That's their job. Ask admissions who the decision makers are. Who is the person at that college who decides if you are a resident? Who is the person who decides if you can get into the nursing program? Go talk to the decision makers.
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    thanks for the replies...i am on oahu, and kcc stands for kapiolani community college, and adn is the 2 -yr nursing degree. i have talked with the admissions, the nursing program counselors, and they all have said, "no" i talked with one nursing counselor yesterday, and he told me i could drop my dependency status with my husband (meaning, moving from my house, forgoing my health insurance, as well as other privileges…) that’s not going to happen! the military wouldn’t even allow it. he also suggested that maybe i just wait until we go home (this is my home!)-another 3 years and all my sciences will expire, or that i could go to maui cc instead, they are much less competitive. i can’t do that, i have 2 kids settled here on oahu, and i wouldn’t be able to afford to have my family split up half living on oahu and half on maui. eerrrr, it is so frustrating and incredibly ridiculous.
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    Bg: I can understand how frustrated you are. My suggestion: Give yourself permission today to say, "Screw it. I don't want to deal with this stuff. " Take a few days off, and forget about everything. Choose to not be frustrated. Make a decision that the people at the college are not going to ruin your holiday. Instead, choose to laugh with your husband and kids. Enjoy your holiday week-end. The problem will be there when you get back.

    AFTER you recharge your batteries, and WHEN you have the energy to do it, start to tackle the problem again. Go up the ladder, attack both sides. Both at the community college side, and at the military side. Like psalm said, if you need to, climb as high as your elected officials. (Personally, I wouldn't start with elected officials. I would climb the ladder until I got to them.)

    Keep going up the chain of command, until you talk to someone who will listen. DO NOT BE AFRAID that you might have to talk to the person in charge of the entire military base, or the entire nursing program or the entire college. Don't hesitate to go that high. (You probably already know that a sterotype New York attitude works in certain parts of the mainland, but turns people off in Hawai'i. So, remember to be nice to everyone you talk to. You'll go further.) Keep climbing the mountain. And pray about it! -- Lisa ;-)
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    Yeah, remember your "Aloha spirit". :spin:
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    did you go to an informational meeting (the one you're supposed to go to before you even start taking pre-reqs)? they make it VERY clear to anyone interested in their nursing program that only official hawaii residents are accepted into their program. they also emphasize that paying resident tuition is NOT the same as being a resident. KCC is a STATE funded public institution. the total cost to train a nursing student is well over $50k. you only pay about $20k in tuition and fees. so yes this policy makes sense.

    no offense but instead of trying to find a way around the system maybe you should consider steps towards becoming an official resident. the fact that you plan on leaving in 3 years is the very reason they do not admit non-residents. why should our state pay for your education only for you to leave right after completing the program?

    sure becoming a resident when you're moving in a couple years might not make much sense for you, but then training a non-resident that plans to leave doesn't make much sense for Hawaii either now does it?
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    afaik non-residents are NEVER admitted. the way admission works is as follows:

    resident apps are looked at and ranked and given nursing student spots. if there are any opening left after ALL resident apps have been considered, then they move on to non-resident apps. obviously there is never a shortage of resident apps so the non-residents never even get looked at.
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    btw if you've already completed your KCC co-reqs then you're prolly eligible for UHM's BSN program. if anything you might need to take an additional chem course (they require a general and an organic/biochem intro course). UHM does give a slight preference to residents (i think it's an additional 1 pt on your app) but they do accept non-residents.
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